Sound-based weaponry. “Global Security” tells us the following: “High-intensity low-frequency sound may cause…organs to resonate, causing a number of physiological results, possibly including death. Acoustic weapons pose the hazard of being indiscriminate weapons, potentially imposing the same damage on friendly forces and noncombatants as on enemy combatants or other targets. And its not only people who can be affected by these weapons, but when directed at vehicles, cars or trucks, they too can affected. The author notes that these non-lethal technologies (they are supposed to be non-lethal, anyway) are not just being used for crowd control or breaking up violent protesters. The technology can also target specific individuals. According to the author the side affects of being targeted are very grim reading, and he quotes two MDs at the Army’s Medical and Information Agency, who say the side affects are: “headache, fatigue, perspiring, dizziness, menstrual disorders, irritability, agitation, tension, drowsiness, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.” Since most of the post-1970s government documents on sound-based weaponry has not been released, it is impossible to know much of this area of research. There was a development in the story of acoustic weapons in 2017 when it was found that the staff in the Cuban Embassy were getting sick. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them. Symptoms included deafness, confusion, memory loss, problems staying focused, tingling in the fingers and vertigo. When questioned by Intelligence staff, they quickly found a trend in evidence. The victims were sick in government(US) buildings and not sick when they went home. Someone was targeting directly and specifically the employees at the US Embassy. The CIA, the DIA and the Army were contacted to determine what was causing the symptoms, and they concluded quickly that it was an advanced version of the acoustic weapons. They calculated that Cuba couldn’t have an advanced acoustic weapon, so they decided the Russians had given to the Cubans for testing, and our staff at the Embassy were the “guinea pigs.” But the Cubans denied all of it and Russia wouldn’t say anything.

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