Conclusions. This short book presents some of the technology that is being used against Targeted Individuals.”The CIA runs this program with help from the FBI and NRO. As an engineer with a few years of experience, I can state this opinion without hesitation: The design of this system is possibly the worst failure in the modern history of engineering. The Deep State has set up a system that is vulnerable and inefficient, with low reliability and without meeting the minimum design objectives. It is equivalent to designing, building and operating a giant refrigerator that has no doors–it is open to the air. It is expensive, will run continuously, barely refrigerate the contents, routinely fail, and most of the food will spoil. It is a laughable joke. But perhaps it demonstrates how fundamentally broken and dysfunctional the Deep State is. It is guaranteed to fail, even under the best circumstances. This is a gross failure–some people at the CIA and Mossad are going to disappear. And for Targeted Individuals, that is the best possible news” (Lighthouse, Cell Towers& Targeted Individuals).******************* Nick Redfern in “Control: MKUltra, Chemtrails and the Conspiracy to Suppress the Masses” calls the Deep State “Controllers” and says “If there is one thing the controllers want, it is a population that doesn’t ask questions–chiefly because it has no idea of what the hell is going on. And if there is one surefire way of guaranteeing that the people of earth will be turned into unintelligent, uninformed, and ignorant masses, it is by insuring that a long-term program of “dumbing-down” the population goes ahead. The scary thing about this is that it is already happening. Joachim Hagopian, at Global Research, made that abundantly clear in 2014: ‘The most obvious example of how Americans have been dumbed down is through this nations public education system. At one time not that long ago America reigned supreme as a leading model for the rest of the world, providing the best quality free public K-12 education system on the planet.'” Things are radically different today. The last few years a dangerous plan has seemed to be in effect which denies students and others from going to their peak of perfection–in terms of their education and in awareness of what is happening around them. Hagopian believes he sees a brainwashing pandemic in US schools which he blames on an “insidious federal agenda” to render us stupid. He is correct according to the statistics: The US Dept of Education has stated that 20% of all high school graduates can’t read or can’t read to a meaningful degree. And things are getting worse. 10 years ago 17% couldn’t read (the rate is the same among adults). Ten years before that 10% of those graduating from high school couldn’t read or understand what they read. In the school I taught in, special education students were put in regular classes. They were very nice students but they were severely handicapped in reading and writing. For some reason these students are increasing in numbers, so these people who criticize education but have never been a teacher are know-nothings. In addition, my grandchildren take advanced courses in high school and there doesn’t seem to be any insidious plot to make them stupid. Not only that there are special education students taking difficult math courses along with students in a regents course. In fact there are no non-regents courses anymore. I don’t call that dumbing down–they are forcing the students to reach up and be all they can be.

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