Surveillance. Most of us know by know that drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are remotely controlled by a person at a computer. The drone may be used for dropping bombs or surveillance, and until recently they were the size of a Piper Cub. Now they are getting smaller and smaller. It became the size of a small dog, now they are trying to make them the size of an insect. Nick Redfern, the author of “Control: MKUltra, Chemtrails, and the Conspiracy to Suppress the Masses, says that the citizens of the US, UK and Australia have deep concerns about how drones may be misused, all in the name of what passes for national security. Australians have complained about law enforcement and its flagrant disregard for personal privacy. Timothy Pilgrim, Commissioner of Australia’s Office of Privacy, admitted: “There are cases where people have woken up in the morning, pulled their curtains open and there’s been a drone hovering outside.” In Australia, at least, there’s some degree of oversight: the police, the military and the intelligence community are now required to secure a warrant before any kind of drone-driven surveillance of citizens and residents can go ahead. DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) sent out a call for software solutions to help small drones fly better in tight enclosed environments. They wanted to create a a new class of algorithms to enable small unmanned aerial vehicles to quickly navigate a labyrinth of rooms, stairways and corridors or other obstacle-filled environments without a remote pilot. This insect drone could be used in a positive way after earthquakes or other disasters, but it could also be the fly on the wall, listening to the enemy or just your Aunt Betty, the terrorist. Larisa Brown of “The Daily Mail” said: “(The drone) is inspired by the biology of a dragonfly, with four flapping wings and four legs to enable it to fly through the air seamlessly and perch on a windowsill to spy on terrorists.” Brown’s readers, however, thought the drones were more likely to gather DNA for the government and insurance companies, that privacy was dead and we already live in a surveillance state today. The author recommends swatting these drones just like we would a real insect. Viva la Revalucion!!**************************** Richard Lighthouse, in “Cell Towers and Targeted Individuals,” lists 5 main sources of microwave attacks on Targeted Individuals: 1. Cell towers 2. Satellites 3. Drones 4. Portable devices 5. Smart meter systems using household wires. Lighthouse wants the reader to note that the Army recently ordered 30,000 new drones. He further wants the reader to note that no war zones could contain 30,000 drones–they would fly into each other. It is clear that these drones were purchased to attack private citizens over a large area, not military targets. But they can only attack one person at a time, so they are limited. If an attack is coming from directly above, it is probably coming from a satellite. But these attacks are reserved for the elite because it is so expensive. If the attack is coming from a 45 degree angle, it is probably a drone. If a signal is coming at a target horizontally, it is likely to be from a cell tower. The focused beam signal from a cell tower at 100,000 watts can easily go through your neighbor’s walls or buildings before it gets to you. This may be a set-up for you to blame your neighbor. There are portable devices that can send these microwave beams to a target, so don’t assume its your neighbor. That’s what the “government criminals” want. If you have a horizontal signal, you can triangulate to find the source. The author lists 3 cell tower maps: 1. 2. 3. The author says that cell towers have large white boxes on them. If the boxes have electrical wires in them, the box can’t have vents on it. If there are vents on the white box, it is a clue that there is no electric wires in it. And its a clue that the microwave beam generator is inside. The magnetron device gets very hot when operated and needs vents to keep it cool. The 3 companies that produce cell towers are National Electronics, Toshiba and Hitachi, so if you think there’s a magnetron on a cell tower near you, get one of the maps, find the local cell tower and call these companies. It’s likely the company doesn’t even know the device is on their tower. Lighthouse says to find the manufacturer and model number from the large electrical boxes on the ground. Another clue to the box with the magnetron inside is there will be no wires connecting it to other parts of the tower. The criminals don’t get much distance with air-cooled magetrons, so they use water-cooled devices. That gives the target another clue: there will be a 3/8 inch tube of water running down the side of the tower. In that case, says the author, cut the tube, but make sure it isn’t a wire and get electrocuted!

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