Covert Technological Murder. Renee Pittman, the author of the book of that title, describes how she is tortured remotely by a beam targeting her bladder. When she feels it coming on, she makes a fast run to the nearest bathroom. But, generally she’s too late. She describes Jeremiah’s experience of being made to defecate on himself one night during a date with a person he had a love interest in. He reported it on Facebook that is was an ultimate, complete and extreme humiliation to him; his Handlers were angry because they could no longer control him, so they gave him the worst thing they could think of. The author herself has had her bladder ‘cooked’ and has tried to hold her urine unsuccessfully. She started using pillows to sit on while driving to elevate herself and they are washable. She’s had her bladder targeted when in a fast food line or on a highway with no exit in sight. She says, “The name of these games are extreme humiliation and torture, and degradation so intrusive designed to make you feel hopeless, give up, hurt yourself or others, or be committed to a mental hospital or jailed. And, depending on the circumstances, the ultimate result is Covert Technological Murder.********** But there’s something worse and even more intimate: sexual stimulation. The technology can bring the targeted victim to a full orgasm, and they also target children. The author wrote letters to local, state and federal officials, complaining of the use of the technology on her, and it slowed a little bit. But this is torture, not sex. Electromagnetic sexual stimulation continually comes up in conversations about being victimized by harassment and stalking. It brings on an uncontrollable urge to masturbate; one woman said she was influenced into a lesbian relationship and she is not gay. To her this was a wake-up call that she had to be constantly in tune with herself and her feelings, and fully grasp what could happen to her against her will and what she could do about it. The author said they tried to influence her into deviant sexual behavior. She imagined them doing it to politicians for the purposes of blackmail. These monsters will also try to influence a target to pedophilia; the attempt to nudge people in this direction is just another example of how satanic these monsters are. I think, though, that the final goal is complete control over the target–that or death.******************** Something which many people deal with is a confusion of identity and sexual identity. The perps attacking the victims are trying to mess with the target’s sexual identity. According to the author, “The ability to create doubt within a person regarding their sexual identity is powerful and can impact a person’s psyche deeply and even more powerfully shatter the psyche by confusion of who the person really is, especially if made to do things against the moral standards. The author says when the drone focus is on her, people around her are negatively affected. They are pictured on the cover; they are small drones which could be knocked out of the sky if one was fed-up.

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