Covert Technological Murder, by Renee Pittman. Pittman brings to the reader the horrific testimony of Jeremiah Ivies’ abuse and harassment. Pittman says it is hard to believe that individuals are sitting in an operation center, watching in real time with access to the highly advanced versions of this technology and using it for evil and without remorse. These efforts relentlessly attempted to manipulate Jeremiah, using every aspect of their high-tech weaponry until he sought relief believing that if he did what was requested, his covert torment would cease. Here is his personal account: I was targeted when I came to San Diego in 1999. I have been kept a prisoner here and unable to leave or prosper due to intense remote ongoing torture. I noticed changes in my mind and body first, intense sexual desire, mentally and physically. I developed an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. My emotions could not be controlled when I was around people, even my family and friends. For example, when close to my mother or father, I would feel a sexual attraction between us or mental imagery of attraction. I also felt this with male friends, although I was not gay. I’ve been attracted to females all my life. I was very disturbed by this.************************ But more disturbing was the visualizations of negative mental imagery which appeared in my mind and was triggered by objects in my environment. My thoughts increasingly became more negative, which caused my family to treat me differently. I could not figure it out. I became more secluded and paranoid to hide my feelings and fantasies. I became emotionally sensitized, and I could not focus or use my time wisely. It became difficult to work or think productively. I could not focus on school work or other work because of these distractions. People in my life who were influential and in positions to help me decided against it because I was so unstable. It drove a wedge between my family and me. We started to resent each other, and we became angry at each other. I developed a sense of desperation.******* At this time I noticed that certain parts of my body were constricting and in pain. For example, my left hand and shoulder became weak and out of place despite how often I worked out. My neck began to hurt and look skinny and unhealthy. My throat and lungs became irritated and stressed as if my glands were sick. My hips started to hurt and protrude from my body. My body odor changed. My spine tightened and all my bones began to crack. I started to get uncontrollable urges to crack all my bones, especially my spine and neck. I started getting rashes and hard little bumps were coming out of my skin. I felt afflicted.***************** My parents threw me out and I became homeless. In my environment people would befriend me and then become hostile and say things that only I would know. They would pop out of the blue and try to manipulate me into negative behavior. They would say and do things to me as if they were trying to program me with street theater. The color red began to stand out everywhere I went. I got the feeling that I was being led into a psychological nightmare. I began to hallucinate and stare at objects for long periods of time. Then for the first time in my life at age 30 I began hearing voices that were not my own. At first they were nice to me and tried to gain my loyalty by identifying themselves as the United States military. They said to me that my parents were satanic terrorists that were committing crimes like child pornography and secretly filming people and making money from it online. At the time, I had no idea how my parents made their money, so I thought it might be a possibility. They said they were a covert operation that needed my help in killing my parents for duty to country. They played on my patriotism because of the war on terrorism. When I refused and said I did not believe them, they became verbally abusive in my head. It seemed like I was communicating with a group of military scientists.********************** They began to humiliate me after every thought. They began injecting me with dreams of violence and drug use. The mental voices went on 24/7. I was sleeping less and less. I would close my eyes, I would see in my mind the outline of men masturbating and laughing at me like they were raping me virtually in my third eye. I was very paranoid wherever I went. I walked and watched how people enjoyed their lives compared to my situation. I was being followed by white trucks and vans, and brand new government SUVs with tinted windows. Police were stalking me all the time. They had me driving to different locations of town, getting out, and marching around San Diego like a soldier they were training for some mission. They were injecting different personalities into me. I would laugh, cry, become angry or aggressive, thoughtful, religious, in an instant, and they let it be known that they were in charge. I was experiencing extreme fatigue along with sharp pains and pressure to my head.**************** After 9 months of this remote torture and gang stalking, they convinced me to kill my parents on the promise of relief and making it stop. I went into my parents’ room with a knife and watched them sleep. I broke down crying, woke my parents up, and finally told them what I was experiencing. They called 911 and police and ambulance came and took me to the mental ward. This happened 3 times and on the 4th time I stabbed my father in the chest several times, threw him down the stairs and beat him. I ran to the police station, thinking it was over. I turned myself in and police interrogated me. I told the Chula Vista police during my statement that I was hearing military voices that ordered me to kill my parents. The police became angry and aggressive with me. I got scared and asked for a lawyer. I could not control my speech. I was misdiagnosed and incarcerated.***** After 3 days inside jail, the voices stopped but the pain remained. When I integrated back into society, the same things started to happen again. This time I felt extreme pain in all my limbs that mimicked nerve damage. I became bed ridden and lost my job and car. I was shaking so bad that the whole house was vibrating. My limbs were jerking and I was getting zapped. In 2007 I had to have surgery on my neck or I would have died. After surgery the voices came back, but now I was familiar with them. I started doing research and networking with other targets. I was soon able to recognize their tactics and adjust to them. I can identify the perps and for a more detailed description of their mental torture program I can provide upon request.********************************* Sincerely, Jeremiah Ivie

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