The attack phase. According to Hall in “Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control” the attack phase involves directed energy attacks meant to disrupt normal physiological functioning. This is usually a distinct phase late in the targeting, but may be used at any time. Before the victim is aware of the harassment, it may be seen as a health issue. The victim goes to the doctor with vague complaints and may spend thousands going from doctor to doctor, none of whom can find the cause of the complaints. After a while of this horror, the voice to skull transmission starts, making it obvious to the victim that there is a medical pathology. Since the goal is the complete annihilation of the victim’s personal and professional life, these attacks go on at night, making it hard to sleep. This phase continues until the goal is met or the perps have been paid to attack another victim. The weapons used in the attack phase include microwave, millimeter wave, radio-frequency, laser and probably scalar modalities. They have been weaponized, but are non-lethal. But they haven’t been experimented in a 24/7 exposure situation. So it is possible that the government is experimenting on these victim/targets to judge the effects of higher concentrations of these weapons on the human body. It is a type of experimenting that is unethical and couldn’t be done out in the open. The attack phase is followed by the monitoring phase. Hall says he’s talked to many victims who have been targets their entire lifetimes. Victims are monitored, and this means they only get an attack occasionally, just to let them know the perps are still watching them. Sometimes the perps will suggest to the victim the thought of suicide. This happens when the perp is in a hurry to get to another job. Nice, huh? There is a rule that says a perp must monitor the target until natural death occurs. The monitoring phase serves to note any cancers or other health problems arising from the weapons. Hall says these issues will have to be clarified before these modalities are released on the population as a whole for psycho-social control. It once was thought that chips were the ideal way to control the population, but something better was discovered: directed beam weapons. I’ve read that the beam can be sent from a satellite with pinpoint accuracy. But I’ve also read that towers are being built at close intervals across the country; they would be ideal for transmission of waves.*********************************** John Hall says that the country has reached the point where the number of people living off the government exceeds the number working and contributing to the system. He says that is where Democracy ends and Socialism begins. Victims were very angry at George Bush because the Patriot Act went in the worst direction it could, but when Barack Hussein Obama reached the presidency, they thought sure he would do something for them. But he did nothing. And worse, he formed the Bioethics Commission to research the possibility of non-consensual experimentation; that may be going on right now. Hall spoke at the first meeting and brought actual victims with him and tons of documents. And the Board denied any evidence of non-consensual experimentation after all the victims had testified, and Hall had presented his research. To top it off, victims were asked NOT to attend meetings in the future! And several victims were forcefully removed from the meeting before they could tell their story. Hall says we live in a sociocracy–it defines the unique form of socialism being forced on the American people at this time. Most socialist countries don’t have elections, but the US still has elections to have the illusion of having a choice. For example, Obama was groomed for the presidency years before he ran for office. Trump had a group of powerful friends in the military supporting him. They wanted him to take down the Deep State. Why do you think the Elite is giving him such a hard time? They don’t really care what he said to Putin or the President of Ukraine. They could care less about the results of the Mueller investigation. The Democrats in the House are answering to a higher power, and that power is running scared.

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