Urantia Book 81. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Lazarus and his sisters, Martha and Mary, were wealthy friends of Jesus living in Bethany. Lazarus was near death and the sisters sent a message to Jesus, thinking he would come right away. But Jesus waited until he knew Lazarus was dead because he planned to bring him back to life. He wanted to give the Jewish leaders proof of his divinity and one more chance to believe. When Jesus arrived, Martha fell at his feet, and said: “Master, if you had been here, my brother would not have died!” Jesus lifted her to her feet and said: “Only have faith, Martha, and your brother shall rise again.” Then Jesus said, looking straight into the eyes of Martha: “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live. In truth, whosoever lives and believes in me shall never really die.” And then Jesus asked for Mary and all three talked while the crowd gave them privacy. In the crowd were some of Jesus’ bitter enemies. The human mind of Jesus was moved by the contention between his love for Lazarus and the bereaved sisters and his disdain and contempt for the outward show of affection manifested by some of these unbelieving and murderously intentioned Jews. Jesus indignantly resented the show of forced and outward mourning for Lazarus by some of these professed friends inasmuch as such false sorrow was associated in their hearts with so much bitter enmity toward himself. On the walk to the tomb Jesus wept. It is interesting to read the UB’s analysis on this weeping: “It is difficult to explain to human minds just why Jesus wept. While we have access to the registration of the combined human emotions and divine thoughts, as of record in the mind of the Personalized Adjuster, we are not altogether certain about the real cause of these emotional manifestations. We are inclined to believe that Jesus wept because a number of thoughts and feelings were going through his mind at this time, such as: 1. He felt a genuine and sorrowful sympathy for Martha and Mary. 2. He did not like the presence of the pretenders, people who were hypocrites and his enemies. 3. He regretted bringing his friend back to experience the bitter persecution which he knew Lazarus would have to endure as the result of being the subject of the greatest of all demonstrations of the divine power of the Son of Man.”What is a Personalized Adjuster? We all have a Thought Adjuster. It is a fragment of the Universal Father. He lives in us and gives us guidance, but we are usually too busy to hear him. After we die, we fuse with the TA, allowing him to become personalized (have a personality). Jesus’ Adjuster was always Personalized due to the circumstances of his bestowal. ******* Jesus’ enemies sneered at him and said ‘if he is what they claim, why did he not save his dear friend?’ The little group in front of the tomb were not aware of the hosts of heaven, vast orders of celestial beings, assembled under the leadership of Gabriel, and ready to execute the bidding of their beloved Sovereign. Such a form of resurrection involves difficulties of execution which far transcend the usual technique of resurrection of mortal creatures in morontia form and requires far more celestial personalities and a far greater organization of universe facilities (168.1.1-11). (The morontia form is a semi-physical body that we are given at the morontia or mansion worlds. These morontia worlds are satellites of Jerusem, our System HQ planet. Jesus took on a morontia body during his resurrection.) About 45 mortals stood in front of the tomb while the celestial beings waited for Gabriel’s signal to act. Jesus lifted up his eyes and said: “Father, I am thankful that you heard and granted my request. I know that you always hear me, but because of those who stand here with me, I thus speak with you that they may believe that you have sent me into the world, and that they may know that you are working with me, in that which we are about to do.” And then he cried in a loudvoice:”Lazarus,comeforth!”******** Though these human observers remained motionless, the vast celestial host was all astir in unified action in obedience to the Creator’s word. In just 12 seconds of earth time, the hitherto lifeless form of Lazarus began to move and presently sat up on the edge of the stone shelf on which it had rested. His body was bound with grave cloths and his face was covered with a napkin. And as he stood up before them–alive–Jesus said: “Loose him and let him go.” Everyone but the apostles, Mary and Martha fled to the house. Some went on to their own homes. They were all pale with fright. As Lazarus came out of the tomb, the Personalized Adjuster of Jesus commanded the former Adjuster of Lazarus to resume his station in the soul and mind of the resurrected man.******** Lazarus was understandably confused. Martha had to tell him the meaning of the grave cloths and explain that he had been in the tomb for 4 days. He knew he had been very sick, but he recalled only that he fell asleep and been awakened. He was unconscious in the tomb. Lazarus went to Jesus, knelt at his feet, and gave thanks and praise to God. Jesus said to him: “My son, what has happened to you will also be experienced by all who believe this gospel except that they shall be resurrected in a more glorious form. You shall be a living witness of the truth which I spoke–I am the resurrection and the life. But let us all now go into the house and partake of nourishment for these physical bodies.”Many believed in Jesus as a result of this miracle, but some hearts were hardened. The UB says: “The alarmed and disconcerted Pharisees hastily called a meeting of the Sanhedrin that they might determine what should be done about these new developments (168.2.1-10).

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