Technologies of Control. This is the subtitle of John Hall’s “Guinea Pigs.” This will be my second attempt to type this post. The first attempt disappeared half-way through the text. This happened frequently when I was blogging about the Deep State, Illuminati, Cabal, whatever you want to call it, the people who rule the earth. Hall says that stalking of the target is a natural extension of the surveillance phase. Unlike the surveillance phase, the stalking phase is done with the full awareness of the target. Gang-stalking and cause stalking are misnomers because they imply street hoods or some grandiose plan. Organized stalking is the most accurate description, reflecting the highly organized and methodically planned out form of stalking these victims experience. The methods involved are taken directly from the COINTELPRO operations run by the FBI in the 1950’s and 1960’s against groups seen as radical elements. The tactics include total inundation of the target at home, breaking and entering of their home, physical harassment and intimidation. Electronic harassment is used during this phase in regard to email tampering, computer hacking, cell phone spoofing and cyber bullying. More exotic forms of electronic harassment are covered as part of the attack phase, but may be part of any phase of the victimization. The stalking phase serves to totally enclose the target in the operation with little chance of escape. The victim goes to the police, who don’t understand and can’t find evidence-case closed-so the victim goes into a state of hopelessness. The victim might be hearing voices, goes to a psychiatrist and is given a diagnosis from the DSM-IV. More hopelessness. And pills on top of it. The perps have backgrounds in law enforcement and know just how much the envelope can be stretched before an investigation is launched. When it is obvious that victim complaints will go nowhere, the rapes and sexual assaults start. Most of the victims are women who live alone. Women who live with a male partner seldom are targets. The victim becomes reclusive, which is just what the perps want. She or he should go out and find others who have the same problem. Later I will go into that aspect of victimology. Thousands of victims have been scanned for GPS chips and very few have been found. The perps have tried to convince the targets that they have been chipped so they will spend thousands of dollars trying to get them removed. If they are chipped, it is only for locating them. Verichip, the producer of the chips, says it doesn’t function as a GPS tracking chip. REALLY!*************************** The defamation phase takes place with the stalking phase. When stalkers are pretending to surveil a target and neighbors question their presence, they identify themselves as FBI and say the target is a drug or some other sort of criminal. The neighbors never question further. The defamation is much worse for doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses or any state licensed professional. The “drug addiction” scenario is most often used in cases where the mere mention of a drug problem will mandate a drug screening. Illicit drugs are put in the food eaten by the victim that they are known to consume by months of surveillance. When their appropriate licensing agency is notified of their possible drug problem, the stalkers ensure they will test positively for the drug they are accused of abusing. This method has a 100% success rate in destroying a victim’s career. Michigan has a law now that makes this type of stalking and all that goes with it illegal. Texas passed a similar law after a woman was murdered by her stalker.

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