Urantia Book 80. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The evangelists and the women’s corps were having success in Perea, and Jesus pointed out to the 12 that the gospel of the kingdom could spread without miracles and wonders. This successful tour, having little help from the 12, reflected Jesus’ teachings. But his followers did not long follow his instructions, for soon after Jesus’ death and resurrection they departed from his teachings and began to build the early church around the miraculous concepts and the glorified memories of his divine-human personality. The New Testament is about Jesus, not what Jesus taught. The Catholic Church worships Jesus and the Father is an after-thought, but Jesus wanted us to worship the Father. Some protestant churches don’t even worship Jesus. My daughter’s church is Presbyterian and I have the impression that there are not many Bible-oriented activities there. My granddaughter goes to youth-group and I was told there was no religion going on there. The two pastors are a lesbian couple who run a loose ship, light years away from the Catholic church. The evolution of the church–it’s really interesting. Anyway, back to the story…As Jesus and the 12 visited with the evangelists at Gerasa, one of the Pharisees who believed in him asked this question: “Lord, will there be few or many really saved?” And Jesus answered: “You have been taught that only the children of Abraham will be saved, that only the gentiles of adoption can hope to be saved, and only a few of those who seek the kingdom of heaven will find entrance there. You also have another saying among you, that the door to heaven is narrow, so that, of those who seek salvation, few can find entrance through this door. You also have a saying that the way which leads to destruction is broad, that the entrance is wide, and there are many who choose to go this way. But I declare that salvation is first a matter of your personal choosing. Even if the door to life is narrow, I am that door, and those who sincerely want to enter, will enter. And the Son will never refuse entrance to any child of the universe who, by faith, seeks to find the Father through the Son. But beware of postponing your entrance into the kingdom while you party with your friends, for when you ask for entrance when you have used up your time here into my Father’s kingdom, I will say that I do not know you. And then shall the Judge of all the earth say to you, ‘Depart from us, all you who have taken delight in the works of iniquity.’************************ “But fear not; everyone who sincerely desires to find eternal life by entrance into the kingdom of God shall certainly find such everlasting salvation. (In the UB salvation is not the word used for the concept, survival is the word. There is some confusion about whether we are judged or whether we have the choice of whether to survive or not. In the UB it says that we decide whether we want to survive and ascend toward God by various training and education courses, but I’ve also read that there is a quick but merciful judgment (but this is downplayed)).*************************** Slowly the apostles and many of the disciples were learning the meaning of Jesus’ early declaration: “Unless you are born again, born of the spirit, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Nevertheless, to all who are honest of heart and sincere in faith, it remains eternally true: “Behold, I stand at the doors of men’s hearts and knock, and if any man will open to me, I will come in and sup with him and will feed him with the bread of life; we shall be one in spirit and purpose in the service and search for the Paradise Father.”********************************* The apostles did not understand the necessity for using spiritual force for the purpose of breaking through all material resistance and for surmounting every earthly obstacle which might chance to stand in the way of grasping the all-important spiritual values of the new life in the spirit as the liberated children of God.

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