Targeted Individuals. A TI, according to John Hall, the author of Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control, is an individual who has been the target of all sorts and phases of harassment, and it all started with the FBI’s COINTELPRO. This means Counter Intelligence Program and I should have made that clear sooner. There is an apt prediction in Revelation 9:5–“They were allowed to torment them for five months, but not kill them, and their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it stings someone.” The government is still apparently covertly experimenting on the public with weapons that use the electromagnetic spectrum. Ex-FBI agents are also harassing TIs with various modes of technology. There is a private investigative company in Texas who does this for a living. In all the nations of the civilized world the emphasis has gone from governing the population to controlling the population. The UN helps through its myriad of programs. That takes care of the third world. So the group who feels the slow creep of mental totalitarianism refer to themselves as target individuals or “T.I.s.” The author has interviewed thousands of people complaining about voices, burns, break-ins, all the symptoms that will be described. There is an organization, Freedom from Covert Surveillance and Harassment, which advocates and gives support to the victims. Hall says that “Many other support groups have developed to handle the exponentially growing number of complaints that are being voiced. Hall has been able from his research to come up with a template or set of progressive phases: selection, surveillance, stalking, defamation, attack and monitoring. These phases are taken from research, interviews and monitoring of the perpetrators in San Antonio, Texas. The weapons used are not available to the average person, ultimately they come from the government. Women are the most common victims. Most of these women have reported drug facilitated rape and sexual assault. In the past rape was used by MKULTRA as trauma-based training. A group of gay men in Palm Springs, CA, is being targeted sexually. They hear a female voice harass them in their minds through the microwave auditory effect, and they are being victimized through drug assisted sexual assault. The author says this is hate or a sex crime.*********** Surveillance of the chosen target closely follows selection. The target is unaware this is happening. The target is extensively surveilled through multiple means including background checks, credit checks, mail tampering, email hacking and direct observation, both physically and electronically. (Someone looked into the guts of my computer and found 24 hackers in there. He cleaned it out, but I finally had to get a new hard drive, which is why this post is late.) This allows the perp to know the target’s daily activities, where they live, work, bank and how they spend their leisure time. They also find out who the target spends time with and grades them in order of importance. This serves to find out who they will confide in when they are being targeted. Any participation in taboo behavior like drug use, excessive alcohol intake, domestic violence, infidelity or pornography is especially noted and followed up to control, mislead, defame and isolate the target. The perp will often mislead neighbors into thinking that their surveillance is a legitimate operation. People just don’t question a “law enforcement officer” when they should. Stalking is a natural extension of surveillance, but that’s for next blog.

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