COINTELPRO and criminals. COINTELPRO remained secret until 1971 when its offices were broken into and documents related to its operations were leaked to the press. An investigation was launched by the Senate and became the Church Committee, after Senator Frank Church. Their final report found the FBI guilty of “vigilante operations aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association. Unsavory and victims tactics have been employed, including anonymous attempts to break-up marriages, disrupt meetings, estrange persons from their professions and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths.” These tactics are identical to the ones used by organized stalking groups today. The author says that contemporary stalking is probably a combination of COINTELPRO and criminals, but the majority of victims are citizens with no ties to radical groups. There is a private investigative agency in San Antonio, Texas, that “hires out” this type of harassment. Despite multiple complaints to the Department of Public Safety, nothing has been done. Retired FBI agents who were professionally connected with COINTELPRO would be spread over the US doing this under the cover of agencies. Organized stalking from state to state have striking similarities: break-ins, appliance tampering, remote neural monitoring. Victims who re-locate, hoping to end their suffering, find they have 2 or 3 months of peace before the harassment starts again. Something even worse, if that’s possible, is being a target of a direct energy weapon. There are lasers, microwaves, particle beams and scalar weapons. People complain of burning of the skin, involuntary muscle movements, heart rate irregularities and headaches, and these complains are not even rare. They are also in conjunction with the previously discussed modes of harassment. Psychiatrists and law enforcement authorities know little or nothing about these threats to sanity and well-being, and believe the person complaining about them is delusional. Direct energy weapons are in the experimentation phase, or have been, and the citizens of this country have been the non-consensual guinea pigs. The author goes into great deal about what makes a good target and the effectiveness of the weapon under various conditions. I will not go into all that;ballistics doesn’t interest me. The DoD protects their electronic equipment by encasing them in metal boxes. For example, the control centers for the unmanned predator drones are encased in metallic cargo containers for protection from this type of directed energy attack.There is one interesting type of directed energy weapon and that is a scalar weapon, and many physicists don’t even think it exists. They are hard to define because they do not act like other electro-magnetic waves. Some describe them as static points of light and they travel at 1.5 times the speed of light. There is no energy loss when the scalar wave gets to its target, as is the case with other waves. Scalar waves provide for the wireless transfer of electrical energy. Physicists say this could only happen in the vacuum of space, but Konstantin Meyl showed the effects of the scalar wave in the atmosphere. Many of the people complaining of directed energy exposure have tried to shield themselves with anechoic chambers, but it didn’t work (the scalar wave is not attenuated by an anechoic chamber).

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