Urantia Book 77. Poor Josiah was dragged before the Sanhedrin and had to tell what had happened to him. The Sanhedrin itself was violating the law by meeting on the Sabbath, and Jesus knew he would be accused for that, also. But they feared to call Jesus, so it was Josiah they called. But Josiah didn’t know who Jesus was-that he was the Deliverer, so he said: “This man came along, put clay on my eyes, told me to go wash in Siloam, and I do now see.” One of the older Pharisees now said: “This man cannot be from God because you can see that he does not observe the Sabbath.” Then one of the younger men who secretly believed in Jesus, said: “If this man is not sent by God, how can he do these things? We know that one who is a common sinner cannot perform such miracles. The presiding officer perceived the drift of the conversation, so he turned to Josiah and said: “What do you have to say about this man, this Jesus, whom you claim opened your eyes?” And Josiah answered: “I think he is a prophet.”****** The troubled leaders, not knowing what else to do, sent for Josiah’s parents to learn whether he had actually been born blind. It was well known in Jerusalem that anyone who believed in Jesus was barred from the Temple and all the synagogues in Judea and Israel–excommunicated from Israel. And they could only buy the necessities of life. When the very frightened parents of Josiah appeared before the Sanhedrin, they were afraid to speak freely. The spokesman asked them if their son was born blind. They replied in the affirmative, but they had no idea how it came about that he could see now. They further stonewalled by saying: “Ask him; he is of age; let him speak for himself.” The members of the Sanhedrin were beginning to feel strange about this procedure, especially as it was held on the Sabbath, but they spoke again to Josiah, this time criticizing him for not being grateful to God for the blessing of sight. And they told him to atone for his sin of Sabbath-breaking by acknowledging God as his healer. They asked him again how he received his sight and he impatiently told them: “I have told you exactly how it all happened, and it you did not believe my testimony, why would you hear it again?” The Sanhedrin broke up in confusion, and they violently yelled at Josiah all about knowing Moses and the law and where did this preacher come from?***************************** Josiah stood on a stool and yelled:”God does not perform such works for the ungodly. God would do such a thing only at the request of a true worshiper–for one who is holy and righteous. Not since the beginning of the world have you heard of the opening of the eyes of one who was born blind. I tell you, if this man were not from God, he could not do this.” And the Sanhedrin departed in anger and confusion, shouting: “You were altogether born in sin, and you now presume to teach us. Even if your eyes were opened on the Sabbath, it was done by the power of the prince of devils.” And they went at once to the synagogue to cast out Josiah.******************************* While all this was going on, Jesus was teaching in Solomon’s Porch, hoping he would be summoned by the Sanhedrin, so he could tell them the good news of the kingdom and the liberty and joy of divine sonship in the kingdom. But they were afraid of Jesus, and even more they feared to arrest him. Some of the other teachers asked him why he didn’t admit to being the Messiah. And why did he hold them in suspense? Jesus said: “I have told you about myself and my Father many times, but you will not believe me. The teacher of truth attracts only those who hunger for the truth and who thirst for righteousness. To all who follow my teaching I give eternal life; they will never perish, and no one shall snatch them out of my hand. As the Father dwells in me, so will I in everyone who believes this gospel.” Jesus and the 2 apostles visited Josiah, and Jesus asked him: “Josiah, do you believe in the Son of God?” Josiah answered:”Tell me who he is, that I may believe in him.” And Jesus said:”You have both seen and heard him, and it is he who now speaks to you.” And Josiah said: “Lord, I believe.” and falling down, he worshiped.

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