Auditory Harassment. According to author John Hall “One of the hallmark symptoms that distinguish between the mentally normal and the mentally ill is the presence of voices in the head.” It is described as one of the symptoms of delusional disorder, psychosis, schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia. These are referred to as auditory hallucinations. Traditionally, anyone hearing voices inside their head (no external source) is presumed to be mentally ill. But there is a gray area when people say God spoke to them and told them to go to church. But if God told them to go burn a synagogue, that would be another matter. A more liberal way to deal with the voices is to make it acceptable in the absence of personal or socially destructive behavior. The Hearing Voice Movement has advocated treating AH with successful coping techniques learned from other voice hearers. You won’t find this in the DMS 3,4 or 5 because psychiatry has increasingly become a mechanism of control and discipline rather than a medical art. When the literature on schizophrenia and AH is reviewed, few studies mention the actual dialogue going on inside the subject’s head: it is described as pleasant, persecutory or religious in nature without any specificity. It is pre-assumed that hearing voices is a symptom of mental illness. In schizophrenia the use of white noise is often described as a coping mechanism to drown out the voices, when it could very well be harassment. There is no mention in the literature of the possibility that technology exists to put voices in the heads of unwitting subjects. One would assume that, with psychiatrists at the head of mind control studies, they would have some suspicion that this was going on. They should know that we have the technology to produce the symptoms of schizophrenia. Thousands of people are voicing just that complaint. Individuals, many of them professionals with no history of mental illness, are complaining of hearing voices. Studies showed that these complaints far exceeded the rate of mental illness.************************** Allen Frey, a researcher at Cornell, discovered that he could “hear” radar. He realized that he wasn’t hearing it through his ears, but inside his head. The interaction between the electromagnetic radiation and the brain was called the “Frey Effect.” In studying non-thermal effects of microwaves, he found something interesting. Modulated microwave frequencies, those carrying a second embedded frequency, were found to be the most damaging. If pulsed at certain modulations, it could breach the blood-brain barrier and induce neurologic change. The Defense Dept. took a keen interest in this research; first, as a directed energy weapon and second, as a carrier signal for communications to be placed directly in the brain. This is now called the “microwave auditory effect” (MAE). Frey also patented another device that Hall says can be used for surveillance, harassment and corporate espionage.

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