Remote Viewing. Two Soviet researchers are noted for their work on remote influencing. Dr. Leonid Vasiliev of the University of Leningrad, was able to remotely influence changes in subjects, such as motor acts, visual images and electro-dermal activity. His results were positive despite attempts at shielding the electromagnetic waves with iron, lead and Faraday chamber screening material. The other Soviet researcher who researches remote influencing is Professor I.M. Kogan. He maintains that PSI is merely an extremely low frequency radio system built into the human brain. His and later studies would show that EM shielding attempts would not successfully stop RV and RI.*************************** Soon the US started RV research, the work being started by Dr. Harold Puthoff and Dr. Russel Targ at Ft. Meade and the Stanford Research Institute. These two enlisted Ingo Swann, Uni Gellar, Pat Price and a handful of military recruits. The remote viewers were given coordinates of known locations and were asked to describe what they viewed usually by drawing it on paper. Ideally, they would be in a trance-like state. No clues were given and not even the research assistants knew the locations. The drawings were eerily accurate and caught the attention of the CIA and NSA.******** Despite the success of the research, the question kept coming up: What is the mechanism behind remote viewing and remote influencing? The various theories explaining the mode of transmission of data in remote viewing have included ELF waves, tachyons, RF and quantum theory. To this day Puthoff and Targ disagree with the ELF wave theory and the telepathy theory. Attention was placed on the brains of the viewers. They were given numerous psychological tests, neurological exams and electo encephalograms. Magnetic encephalographs were performed at Los Alamos Laboratory to measure deep brain waves which led investigators to suspect temporal lobe involvement in telepathic functioning.****************** I can’t tell you the details because I don’t understand them, but intelligence agencies can monitor us in several ways. Advances in computational speed and monitoring technology have taken remote EEG monitoring apparatus farther than their inventors ever dreamed. Modern research has focused on converting the received electromagnetic waveforms back into audible thought that can be monitored and recorded. Essentially, mind reading has come of age and has been in use among intelligence agencies for a number of years now. In addition to monitoring a subject’s thoughts, researchers have also capitalized on EEG entrainment techniques. Once the brain could be entrained to stimulate visual and auditory hallucinations, subjects would perceive realistic holograms or sounds that have no realistic source in the environment. Indeed, thousands of people across the US are voicing complaints of just this phenomenon.***** Thousands of people across the United States have already been complaining of being victimized by remote neural monitoring. It remains to be seen if this has been part of the experimental phase of this technology or if the technology has fallen into criminal hands. Some of these people have been told they are delusional. Now they’ve made toys with this technology! This is an attempt at mainstreaming a technology that will have grave consequences on society. If you have any doubt, ask any of the victims of this research who have lost their careers and families after being diagnosed as delusional, only to see the technology they were told did not exist appear at Toys R Us!

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