Control. As mentioned before, many of the Paperclip doctors who began mind-control research for the Nazis in Germany were allowed to continue that research in the United States. The horrors at Dachau became government funded projects with code names like MKULTRA, MKSEARCH, ARTICHOKE, and BLUEBIRD. Similar to concentration camp victims in Nazi Germany, the American public would become the unwilling or unwitting guinea pigs of most of these government funded abuses of human rights. The author says that his information did not come from his own head, but from papers that were not shredded and subsequently available via FOIA. People may be familiar with the LSD experiment that caused the death of Frank Olson. He was given a drink with LSD in it as an experiment and then allegedly committed suicide by jumping out of a window. Double files were kept on all experiments: the false files were given to the investigatory committees and the real files were retained by the CIA. MKULTRA consisted of 149 subprojects that were all aimed at mind control. The recurring theme in all the studies was the attempt to control human emotion, human thought and human behavior by any means available. While CIA funding was covert or through front companies, its studies were written up in peer-reviewed literature as legitimate medical studies. A great majority of the subprojects were carried out at large, prestigious universities. The following subprojects of MKULTRA paved the way for the experimentation we see happening today: SP 5, 25, 29, 49 These subprojects were conducted by Dr. Alden Sears and involved the study of hypnosis, recall of hypnotically acquired information and methods of hypnotizing unwilling subjects. SP 23, 45 These subprojects were contracted to Charles Geschickter. 23 involved studying how chemical agents would modify the central nervous system. 45, through the NIH, involved the development of techniques to maximize physical and emotional stress in human beings. SP 68 Directed by Dr. Ewen Cameron this subproject was conducted in 1957 at McGill University. This experiment was about “psychic driving” and it entailed depatterning a subject though massive amounts of electro convulsive therapy, drugs and deprivation. Following this the subjects were then played recorded loops of recorded material to re-create a new personality. Many victims were left incontinent, amnesic, and unable to return to normal society. Dr. Cameron was President of the American Psychiatric Association and was eulogized after his death as having made “outstanding contributions to the mental health of the Canadian people.*********** For a while there was experimentation with brain implants for controlling subjects, but it was found to be unnecessary. Researchers found that exposure of the brain to external electro-magnetic fields would yield the same results. This has direct implications for the complaints that we are hearing today. Next, John Hall, the author mentions Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Canada, my least favorite human being. He’s a reductionist of the worst sort. His research convinces himself only. He sits on the Board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. He can produce an artificial feeling of being with God, so he says there is no God–its all in your head. So are memories of abuse. His “God helmet” produces feelings of being with a divine being when a person has it on their head. It uses microwave energy to stimulate the temporal lobes of the brain.************** Remote viewing is the ability to see a remote location without physically being at that location. In 1972 the idea that the Soviets were remote viewing us-reading the contents of classified documents, learning the positions of troops, locations of military installations, modify thoughts of personnel or even cause death remotely–prompted the Defense Intelligence Agency to issue a report warning of this possibility and all branches of the military started training in RV. Hal Puthof, Ingo Swann and other well known individuals stepped up and gave the military guidance on something that some didn’t even believe in, never heard of, and why a physicist, for heavens’ sakes? Hal is the physicist. The remote viewers could find and did find the largest submarine ever built. It was in Russia. They found other things. But they couldn’t spy inside the Kremlin because there were detectors in the building.

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