Urantia Book 74. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. As Matadormus was walking away, Jesus turned to the apostles and said: “You see how difficult it is for those who have riches to enter fully into the kingdom of God! Spiritual worship cannot be shared with material devotions; no man can serve two masters. And I declare that is as easy for this camel to go through a needle’s eye than for these self-satisfied rich ones to enter the kingdom of heaven. When they heard these words, the apostles were exceedingly astonished, and Peter protested: “Who then, Lord, can be saved? Shall all who have riches be kept out of the kingdom?” And Jesus replied: “No, Peter, but all who put their trust in riches shall hardly enter the spiritual life that leads to eternal progress. But we should recognize that with God all things are possible.” They walked down to the lake and sat down. Peter, speaking for all of the apostles, said: “We are bothered by your words to the rich young man. Shall we require all those who wish to follow you to give up all their worldly possessions?” “No, Peter,” Jesus said. “Only those who would be an apostle and live with us like one family. The Father requires that the affections of his children be pure and undivided. Whatever thing or person comes between you and the love of the truths of the kingdom, must be surrendered. If one’s wealth does not invade the precincts of the soul, it is of no consequence in the spiritual life of those who would enter the kingdom.” Then said Peter: “But, Master, we have left all to follow you. What, then, will we have?” And Jesus spoke to all the apostles when he said: “There is no man who has left everything for the kingdom and for my sake who shall not receive manifold more in this world and to come, eternal life. But many that are first will be last, while the last shall often be first. The Father deals with his creatures in accordance with their needs and in obedience to his just laws of merciful and loving consideration for the welfare of a universe. The kingdom of heaven is like a householder who went out early in the morning to hire laborers to work in his vineyard. He agreed on a wage of one denarius for one day of work. He went out at noon, 3 and 5 and when it came time to pay the laborers, he paid them all 1 denarius, no matter how long they worked. God shows mercy in that way. No matter how late in the day a sinner repents, God shows mercy and forgives him.”**************************** The seventy appeared to go on a mission a few days ago, but now the UB says they are going on their first mission. Jesus, before they went, placed emphasis on the following: 1. The gospel of the kingdom must be proclaimed to all the world, to gentile as well as Jew. 2. While ministering to the sick, refrain from teaching the expectation of miracles. 3. Proclaim a spiritual brotherhood of the people of God, not an outward kingdom of worldly power and material glory. 4. Avoid loss of time though overmuch social visiting and other trivia which might distract from wholehearted devotion to preaching the gospel. 5. If the first house selected for a headquarters proves to be a worthy home, abide there during the time in that city. 6. Make clear to all faithful believers that the time for an open break with the religious leaders of the Jews in Jerusalem has now come. 7. Teach that man’s whole duty is summed up in this one commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. (This they were to teach in place of the 613 rules of living expounded by the Pharisees.) After Jesus was finished, Peter took the 70 aside and preached to them their ordination sermon. Peter exhorted them to cherish in their experience the following virtues: 1. Consecrated devotion. To pray always for more laborers to be sent forth into the gospel harvest–then the prayer will become: “Here am I, send me.” He admonished them not to neglect their daily worship. 2.True courage. He warned them that they would encounter hostility and would certain to be met with persecution. Peter told them their mission was no undertaking for cowards and advised those who were afraid to step out before they started. But none withdrew. 3. Faith and Trust. They must go forth wholly unprovided for; they must trust the Father for food and shelter and for other necessities. 4. Zeal and Initiative. They must be possessed with zeal and intelligent enthusiasm; they must attend strictly to their Master’s business. 5. Kindness and courtesy. They were strictly warned against leaving a modest home to be entertained in a more comfortable or influential one. 6. Ministry to the sick. The 70 were charged by Peter to seek out the sick in mind and body and heal them or do everything in their power to cure them. Having been thus instructed, they started out in twos on their quest for souls. The UB says the Jews had a peculiar regard for the number 70. The Grand Universe is also a place where 7 is repeated. There are 7 superuniverses. There are 70 major sectors. There are 7,000 minor sectors 700,000 local universes. There are 70,000,000 constellations (these are a political division not a star arrangement). There are 7,000,000,000 local systems. Last, there are 7,000,000,000,000 inhabitable planets. There are many more 7s, but this is just an idea of the Universal Father’s delight in the number 7.

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