Carla Rueckert, in “Living the Law of One: The Choice,” says the following: The Ra group suggests that we are in the third grade of a seven grade school of cosmic learning and service, moving to a completion called an octave of creation, and each octave contains seven densities or schools for learning and progression. Completing the grades of this school takes millions of years. This present grade is the Density of Choice or Third Density, which lasts about 76,000 years. In 2012 there was supposed to be a planet-wide harvest, at which time the Density of Love or Fourth Density would have its onset. When I told Jesus about the Law of One, he was not impressed. What are we to make of the 2012 problem? At death we climb the steps between the Pearly Gates to the Fourth Density. It is very bright. If it is too bright before we get to the gates, we must turn around, we have not successfully made our choice, and we spend another 76,000 years in the Third Density working on the lessons that will bring us to the defining choice. If we were able to pass the Pearly Gates, then we have successfully made our choice and we are in the Density of Love. We have been harvested! We have graduated! This density is heaven compared to the Third Density. We remember all of our lifetimes; our options increase; we can seek further learning and service, and we can praise the Creator. We can go back to Earth to help shift Earth into Fourth Density love consciousness. The so-called Indigo Children are such entities. But frankly, I think they’re creepy. Carla says we are in an emergency situation; that we must become informed about this situation and figure out how to respond to it before 2012. Why would it be 2012 when it says elsewhere in the book that we have another 4,000 years left? Are they basing it on the Mayan calendar?*****First, the author discusses the distortions of the Law of One. You are unique. The Creator wants to gain knowledge and appreciation of itself. Thus, it sends forth parts of itself within illusion to learn from the colors created in the palette of emotions that you have through many experiences and incarnations. This palette contains your beauty and is unique to you, so that you can teach the Creator what nobody else can teach. For you are the only one of you in all the infinite universe. You cannot please the Creator by being someone else, but only be being most truly and deeply yourself.**************************************Carla says her book will help us become familiar with the rules of the Gameboard i.e. being able to make informed choices in this life and also knowing why. She uses the capitalized Game, Gameboard and Choice when talking about spiritual living, and lowercase game, gameboard and choice when talking about choices we make without regard to spiritual values. The Game of Life is about becoming an ethically motivated human being. The game of life is about getting by, providing for our families, being oblivious. That lower-case gameboard inevitably brings us to spiritual crises. The first feature of the Gameboard to describe is its unitary nature. According to Ra, the entire creation is one organism, one energy field and one thing. The forces of nature like wind, water, earth and fire are wrapped into the energy field of the earth itself. The sun has its own energy field and wraps the whole solar system in its energy field. All of the energy fields of the universe are wrapped into the one great original Thought or Logos, which is as close as Ra comes to speaking of the Creator in a personal sense. The Confederation group of Ra says: You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light; light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.

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