Slave labor on Mars. In 2015 Corey Goode took part in an inspection tour of facilities on Mars, along with others like Lt. Col. Gonzalez. Goode and Gonzalez were each assigned a security team of two Intuitive Empath (IE) assistants. They were also accompanied by a representative of the ICC. En route Goode thanked the ICC for letting them take a family back to earth with them or allow to return to their home colony, whatever their wishes. Upon arrival, the ICC representative gave Gonzalez a list of appropriate bases in the northern hemisphere, but he wanted to see a base in the southern hemisphere. This was arranged, although the representative at first denied its existence. Then they were told what they could discuss with the base inhabitants: “He stated that the people at this facility were here for generations and that they were under the impression that the earth had been through some sort of cataclysm and was no longer inhabitable. He asked that we not throw off the social dynamics of the facility by revealing that any of us were from the surface of earth.” The base commander then told them that the primary mission of the facility was a multi-decade social experiment: “As we entered, the base commander said their “social experiment” had nothing to do with rumors of slavery. I looked at Gonzalez and he rolled his eyes at me as this was this being said. The base commander said that we would tour the industrial plant first and it was 8 km away on an underground train. After the conference we would tour the colony and ask a family if they would be willing to go with us.” Goode then inadvertently revealed that he was from Texas to one member of the security team and there was sudden confusion in the ranks, and they were replaced immediately. Another security team arrived and disarmed the first one and led them away to who knows what fate. The touring group was told not to talk to the security team at all. They were next taken to the conference hall and saw many colonists, who showed them the various technologies they produce. Also Goode and the others were told proudly that exopolitical agreements had been reached with up to 900 different extraterrestrial civilizations. Goode said: “They sat us down and put on a Dog and Pony Show on a large smart-glass-screen that showed all sorts of technologies they produce. They made agreements with groups that pass through our sector on a regular basis using the nearby portal systems that are part of the “cosmic web.”” Goode then describes getting himself into trouble and being detained. It began with the family they were to take away from the base: “The time came for Gonzalez to give the ICC representative the choice of the family we were to take back with us. He gave the number of a family’s dwelling and 15 minutes later a family, two adults, a teen-aged son and a pre-teen daughter showed up with a small bag in each of their hands. They seemed kind of stoic and nervous. This was to be expected, but they seemed off to me…When the door was closed, Gonzalez turned to the people and said that they would be safe now and that he knew one of them was not present. The father wanted to know how Gonzalez could know that. Gonzalez merely said that our people have abilities. The people then clammed up and wouldn’t talk, which upset Gonzalez and he left the room.” Goode says that the base commander became irate when challenged by Gonzalez and he was thrown into a detention cell and was soon joined by Goode and his two-man security team. Goode said as he walked along the rows of cells he saw a lot of people in various states of psychological distress. Goode feared the worst from the base commander, whom he described as a “tyrant and a total megalomaniac,” but they were rescued by the Sphere Being Alliance, small blue orbs zipping through the cell walls, one for each of them and they were soon back on the moon at the Lunar Operations Command. Now safe at LOC Goode and Gonzalez agreed that the mission had confirmed the rumors about the slave labor on Mars. The civilians at these facilities are psychologically manipulated and physically abused by tyrannical base leaders who tolerate no dissent. “There appears to me minimal accountability or oversight of such facilities and the base commanders running them.” Congress is behind the times when it comes to space–that goes without saying. They are working on The Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act. This protects companies that want to mine on other planets in the Solar System, or who want to take other resources from planets. Space mining operations already exist, according to Goode. The Act provides no safety for workers, for working conditions. Congress apparently doesn’t know that human slavery is a fact right now. The Act would give US Federal legal protection to the owners, managers and personnel of these corporations currently using slave labor, against possible investigations by international human rights organizations, including the International Criminal Court. Why do things seem to get worse all the time for the little guy?

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