The Law of One. According to Michael Salla, “The Law of One is widely regarded to be among the most authoritative and accurate communications about extraterrestrial life, human history and the evolution of consciousness ever received.” Ra, a social memory complex, shared information about humanity’s past, present and future for 3 decades from 1981 to 2011. In 2011 ninth density Beings called the Blue Avians made contact with Goode and Lt. Col. Gonzalez. When Goode discussed the Blue Avians with David Wilcock, he mentioned the Law of One to explain the concepts the Blue Avians were imparting to Goode. Despite his initial resistance to channeled material, Goode conceded that the Law of One material should be required reading for those in the SSPs. No wonder Goode was hesitant! The Cabal used PsiOps to make people think they were channeling ascended masters, ETs, and Beings from other dimensions. The Law of One was required reading for the Cabal/Illuminati. Information from the Blue Avians validates the Law of One. Goode conceded that the Ra group and the Sphere Being Alliance were associated.*** Salla believes that knowing the Law of One material will allow us to better understand the current mission of the Blue Avians and the Sphere Being Alliance. The Law of One helps us understand the evolution of consciousness, extraterrestrial civilizations and secret space programs. As a magnet has 2 opposite polarities, so does consciousness; the positive polarity involves behavior based on service to others. Service to others is behavior wherein there is empathetic connection to others who are viewed as part of or as extensions of one’s self. This leads to individual moral codes and societal ethical systems in which the needs of others are considered in all aspects of communications, relationships and conflict. A good example of a service to other philosophy is Buddhism which views all consciousness as a unity manifesting in multiple aspects.********* Service to self means being committed to one’s own individual self or group. Nazism is a good example of this polarity. You must have at least 51% service to others to move up to the next density and you must have 95% service to self for the negative path. In the middle are those who go neither way. It’s the “sinkhole of indifference.” And you need to have either positive or negative polarity in order to evolve. Most religions advocate positive polarity and it is also a tenet in secular humanism, which many people slide into when they leave their religions. (The Ra group describe itself as a 6th density social memory complex i.e. a collective comprising many individual souls who have developed a significant degree of unity consciousness or the love/light frequency.) Different extraterrestrial collectives evolve through service to other activities wherein unity consciousness is developed. This helps us understand the motivations of human-type extraterrestrial races conducting 22 different long term genetic experiments with humanity. They are motivated to assist humanity in its evolution, thus assisting themselves in their own positive polarity or service to others endeavors.

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