Urantia Book 69. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua, Joshua ben Joseph, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. On Sunday, September 25, AD 29, Jesus and all his followers gathered at Magadan. Jesus surprised them by telling them that he and the apostles were going to Jerusalem in the morning for the feast of tabernacles. He told the evangelists to visit believers in Galilee and the women’s corps to go to Bethsaida for a while. Nathaniel and Thomas were still in deep discussion with Rodan, so they got permission to stay for a few days.******** There was one topic on which the two apostles and Rodan disagreed, and that was on the personality of God. He agreed on the attributes of God, but he contended that the Father is not, cannot be a person, as man conceives personality. The apostles found it difficult to prove that God is a person, but Rodan found it even more difficult to prove that God was not a person. Rodan contended that because there are no other beings equal to God, he is alone in the universe and thus has no creature to relate to on his level, making personality irrelevant. Thomas contended that God does communicate with humans, and that therefore the Father is a person, even within the definition of Rodan. This the Greek rejected on the ground that God does not reveal himself personally, that he is still a mystery. Then Nathaniel appealed to his own personal experience with God, and that Rodan allowed, affirming that he recently had similar experiences, but these experiences, he contended, proved only the reality of God, not his personality.***************** By Monday night Thomas gave up. But by Tuesday night Nathaniel had won Rodan to believe in the personality of the Father, and he effected this change in his views by the following steps of reasoning: 1. The Universal Father does enjoy equality of communication with at least two other beings who are fully equal to himself and wholly like himself–the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. So the Greek had to consider that the Father had personality. (It is believed that Jesus is the Eternal Son, the Second Person of the Trinity, but he is a Creator Son, a ruler of a universe. He was created by the Father and the Eternal Son/Mother-aspect for the purpose of running a universe.) 2. Since Jesus was equal with the Father and Jesus had personality, this is a strong argument in favor of personality in all three Godheads. 3. Jesus and the Father were one. Jesus maintained at the same time communication with both God and man, and since both understood Jesus in his symbols of communication–thus both God and man possessed the attributes of personality in so far as the requirements of the ability of intercommunication were concerned. That the personality of Jesus demonstrated the personality of God, while it proved conclusively the presence of God in man. That two things that are related to the same thing are related to each other. 4. That personality represents mankind’s highest concept of human reality and divine values; that God also represents man’s highest concept of divine reality and infinite values; therefore, that God must be a divine and infinite personality, a personality in reality although infinitely and eternally transcending man’s concept and definition of personality, but nevertheless always and universally a personality. 5. That God must be a personality since he is the Creator of all personality and the destiny of all personality. Rodan had been tremendously influenced by this teaching of Jesus:”Be you therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.”***** When Rodan had heard these arguments, he said: “I am convinced. I will confess God as a person if you will permit me to qualify my confession of such a belief by attaching to the meaning of personality a group of extended values, such as superhuman, transcendent, supreme, infinite, eternal, final, and universal. I am now convinced that, while God must be infinitely more than a personality, he cannot be anything less. I am satisfied to end the argument and to accept Jesus as the personal revelation of the Father and the satisfaction of all unsatisfied factors in logic, reason and philosophy.”******** A bit more needs to be said about the Lucifer rebellion. For 200,000 years Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia and those who they brought to their side were given free rein because there was no authority in Nebadon to arrest them. Jesus, the Creator Son, was not yet Sovereign God of the universe and did not have any authority to arrest them. The Constellation Fathers, 3 Most Highs, immediately put Satania under quarantine, so the rebellion couldn’t effect other systems. But all communications were cut, all circuits were cut, no broadcasts were received; it was a total blackout and it still is until Lucifer is annihilated. The 3 Ancients of Days supported the Most Highs. But it would not be resolved until Jesus came to Urantia on his final bestowal. Jesus said he saw Satan fall out of the sky. That refers to the time he vanquished Satan, Lucifer and Caligastia. The UB says: “In general, when weak and dissolute mortals are supposed to be under the influence of devils and demons, they are merely being dominated by their own inherent and debased tendencies, being led away by their own natural propensities. The devil has been given a great deal of credit for evil which does not belong to him. Caligastia has been impotent since the cross of Christ.******* Michael offered mercy to all who went into the rebellion and was willing to forgive them on a probationary basis. They would have reinstatement into some form of universe service, all this taking place when he became sovereign. Thousands of the angels and lower orders of celestial beings as well as the Material Sons (Adam and Eve-these beings go to planets to uplift the races and civilize them) came back to sanity. These were transferred to the Father’s planet, a satellite of Jerusem until the Uversa court hands down a decision in the matter of Gabriel v Lucifer. No one doubts that there will be a verdict of annihilation, but that those who turned back will be allowed to continue working on the Father’s prison planet. When Michael became Sovereign God of Nebadon, Lucifer was arrested by the Uversa Ancients of Days and put in the Father’s prison on his planet near Jerusem. I’ve heard that Lucifer and Satan both annihilated themselves, but it was channeled information, so who knows?

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