Memories. Michael Salla says that Michael Relfe and Randy Cramer never received the extra pay they were promised, nor did they get the pension they deserved. When Randy was signing the recruitment papers, he was fed a lot of bull by the recruitment officer: “You won’t lose any time, you won’t lose any years, and in fact you’ll come back to a nice cushy job. We’ll take care of you, you’ll be fine.” None of that materialized except messing up their lives with time foolery. Salla compared the experiences of Corey Goode and Randy Cramer, and they were found to be very similar. Goode’s training as a child was trauma- based (against the grain), which Cramer’s was not (with the grain). Goode’s trauma based training left a lasting legacy until its effects were finally removed with the assistance of an SSP associated with an ancient Mayan civilization. Their training as children involved live weapons, special operations tactics far beyond the capability of normal children. Cramer trained with adults in Special Forces, who quickly learned their error in underestimating the physical abilities of the Operation Moon Shadow children.*** Goode was promised university scholarships and lucrative jobs for signing up for the 20 year tour of duty—promises that were never kept. It is likely, says Salla, that other SSP soldiers are being denied benefits that they’ve worked for, and will come “forward for redress.”******************************** Goode emphasized that during the 20 year tour, there were strict regulations preventing any kind of contact with family, people from Earth or any kind of transmissions from Earth-related news. Basically, there was a total communications black-out regarding any information relating to planet Earth. Cramer states that this is identical to what happened during his 20 year tour. And this applied to senior officials in the SSPs.************************************ There are also differences among the testimonies of the 3 whistleblowers. Cramer and Goode both claim they were trained during childhood in groups of 300. Relfe doesn’t remember (yet?) this training, but he was abducted by Grays who performed genetic experiments on him. Cramer claims he was able to deprogram himself and regain his memories over a 20 year period using various self-help techniques, including meditation. Most of Goode’s memories were never lost, and others returned over time. This is probably because he was an “intuitive empath” and was very grounded in his feelings. Relfe claims that he reclaimed his memories as the result of the deprogramming conducted by Stephanie Relfe and his deep commitment and devotion to Jesus Christ. Those who retired from active duty were discouraged from continued service in the military; it was feared that memories would be jogged loose by the familiarity of the work. But Cramer joined the Navy in 1988, but an intervention involving mind control was used on him to persuade him to quickly leave the Navy on January 1, 1989. Relfe, in contrast, resumed his 6 year Navy service which he started in 1976. He spent 6 years in the Navy and received an honorable discharge. There was no effort made to persuade him to leave the Navy.

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