Disclosure is coming. There were other individuals claiming to have visited Mars through jump gate technologies, who also experienced age regression and time travel technologies. However, Relfe was alone with his main claim in 2000 that a SSP existed that recruited individuals for covert 20 year assignments that was allegedly a standard operating procedure. That changed in early 2014. Randy Cramer came forward in March of 2014 with claims of a 20 year tour of duty from 1987 to 2007. He had “total recall” of his experiences. He spent the first 17 years with the “Mars Defense Force,” defending 5 civilian colonies owned by the “Mars Colony Corporation.” Cramer explains what he was told when he arrived on Mars: “I arrived at Aries Prime and we are told we are now members of the Mars Defense Force (MDF). The MDF is the private military organization contracted to serve, protect and defend the Mars Colony Corporation (MCC) and its interests. You will get on a shuttle which will take you to a station, where you will spend the next 20 years. All your training will take place there.”** Cramer revealed some of the history of the secret bases on Mars. The US went to Mars in the 60s but didn’t have a base there. In the mid-70s the MCC was established for mining and extraction of resources.****************************** After Cramer’s service with the Mars Defense Force, he served as a pilot in a secret space program called the “Earth Defense Force,” where he patrolled the Sol System from a cigar-shaped spacecraft carrier. His training for space flight started on the moon, went to Titan and then farther out into the Sol System. They were learning on smaller military craft. There were 3 different fighter class and 2-3 bomber class. The fighter planes were stored on the cigar-shaped craft. He said: “It was a lot of patrolling where you’re taking planes away from the main ship in order to check a perimeter or cover a grid, or a quadrant grid…or scanning for anomalous activities. Propulsion of the cigar-shaped craft has a variety of methods, nuclear (fission and fusion), electrogravitic, temporal space drives, thrusting drive propulsion.******* According to Cramer, who had trained as a Super Soldier before his 20 year tour, most SS training is “against the grain.” Their training starts as children and they are abused and mind-controlled and turned into killers, to “kill anything, anytime, anywhere.” Adult SEALS working with these children find out how lethal they are. But Cramer’s training was different; it was “with the grain.” It takes advantage of human instincts to protect tribe and territory. So if a SS experiences a credible threat, the SS will destroy anything that threatens what it’s genetically predisposed to protect.******* Most important, Cramer believes he is acting under the orders of his military chain of command in revealing his knowledge of the Mars Defense Force and the SSP on which he served. Cramer’s superior, Col. Jamieson,put him in touch with Brigadier General Smythe, USMC, who gave him the go ahead to reveal EVERYTHING about the Mars Defense Force, the Mars Colony Corporation and the Earth Defense Force. And he even gave Cramer his permission to use his name, which he did.

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