According to the Law of One, ethical decisions made consistently is like magnetic rock aligning itself along a north-south pole. Human beings have the same metaphysical set-up. The negative or south pole is called the service to self polarity while the positive or north pole is called the service to others polarity. Light moves from the south to the north pole; the south pole attracts light by gravitation or absorption, and the north pole receives it and radiates it. When you treat someone the way you want to be treated, you are beginning to do ethically oriented work. You are polarizing toward the positive pole of your human ore, which you want to magnetize. You are aligning with an ethical ideal, which is service to others. The “reason this choice kicks your engine over is that you are seeing the other person as equal to you, with the same entitlement to respect, honor and decent treatment as you give yourself.” This action takes discipline and conscious choice. It is sometimes not an easy choice. It can cost us something to consider the needs of others and respond to them as if they were our own needs. When human beings decide to become ethical beings, and start making choices based on principles such as the Golden Rule, they become Players of the Game of Life instead of players of the game of life, which is where most of us live our little lives. (Right now, as I’m typing this, I’m batting away fruit flies and can’t envision being in the Game at all.)**************** Right now, according to the Ra group, we are in the Choice Density. A person graduates to the Love Density when s/he has a 51% Service to Others score. That probably takes place at the end of 76,000 years,(from what the Ra group said). The first time you perform a Service to Others act is called The Choice. You are choosing how you want to approach life for the rest of your time on Earth. At the end of 76,000 years we graduate to the Density of Love or stay in the Density of Choice for another 76,000 years of reincarnations. The key to graduating is to achieve enough polarity to move on. The Choice is the whole point of this Density in general and of Earth life in particular. (I’ve read numerous places that Earth has the reputation for being a tough tour.) Carla said there would be some kind of change in 2012, but nothing happened, so I question the rest of her information. I went to church yesterday and talked to Jesus. At least I think I talked to him. He was angry when I told him that the Sphere Beings had put up a frequency fence around the Earth and the Sol System. He said he would tear them down. He also questioned the information connected with the Law of One. ************************************* Back to Goode’s testimony. The Sphere Alliance gave the SSP Alliance advanced defensive weaponry and asked them not to attack the Cabal/ICC/Dark Fleet Infrastructure. They had worked out a future “Post Disclosure Plan” with the SSP Alliance Council sometime earlier with plans to hand over their assets to Earth civilizations. It was decided that military hostilities would be strictly limited and that efforts would be concentrated on bringing about the “full disclosure event.” Wikileaks released a massive document dump which was a media sensation back in 2000.************ Goode served on the Lunar Operations Command (LOC). This base was built by the Vril/NaziSS, but had been handed over to the US in a secret agreement. There is also a massive Russian-American base on the moon with 40,000 people on it. The moon is a “Diplomatic Neutral Zone,” where all ET’s have their patch and there are no hostilities, not even between enemies. The tradition is respected because it’s old. The Apollo landing (11) was warned off because they probably landed on the patch of an ET race.

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