Alliances. The Draco Federation Alliance is a warlike race of ETs with a strict hierarchical organization. Goode says its ruling caste is the Royal White Dracos. Alex Collier, who has had contact with ETs from the Andromeda Council, calls these ruling caste Dracos, “Ciakar.” The Dracos are very large and otherwise known as the “Dracs.” They range from 14 to 22 feet in height and can weigh 1800 pounds. They have winged appendages and are an awesome sight. They’re extremely clairvoyant and extremely clever and can be extremely sinister. Collier says that the Royal White Draco “are the oldest known reptilian race in our galaxy.” A Lt. Col. Gonzalez told CG that he saw Mantid and Insectoid Beings standing in loose formation with the Royal White Draco standing in the front and middle of the formation of these other Beings. According to Goode, “The Royal White Draco made demands wrapped in threats for Gonzalez to deliver to the SSP Alliance Council and the Sphere Alliance. The demand was that all the Draco Federation Alliance would be allowed to leave through the Outer Barrier, their human allies would be given clemency, and promised no reprisals in future events in a human controlled Solar System. CG said that the Outer Barrier had caused major problems for the Draco Federation, and it made threats if it wasn’t lifted: “The White Royal stated in no uncertain terms that they had the power to bring great calamity and war to the surface of the earth, and were prepared to do so. They stated that the Sphere Alliance had not been forthcoming about the true power of their ExtraDimensional Overlords, who were now present and ready to do battle.***********************************Gonzalez was surprised to learn that the White Royal Draco were not the apex of the Draconian Federation Alliance. There were ExtraDimensional (ED) Overlords that were responsible for the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as he revealed to CG. Goode has emphasized the threat posed by AI to thousands of extraterrestrial civilizations (it has destroyed several) and to humanity in the present era. SSPs take strict security measures to prevent an AI signal infecting both biological and electronic systems. The ED overlords, controlling both the AI and the Draconian Federation Alliance, suggests there is a possible threat from Satanic occult forces. But this is an empty threat; people create their own demons.***************************** Goode describes a Super Federation of between 40 to 60 human-like extra-terrestrial groups. This Super Federation is also trapped within this SS frequency fence that the Sphere Alliance created–called the Outer Barrier. The Super Federation conducted 22 genetic experiments involving the genes of different alien races being spiced into human DNA over a period stretching back 250,000 years. In a nut shell, we are a composite of a lot of different races, 22 to be exact. It is a physiological fact that there are 22 different body types on the planet–the result of different ET races. Goode described some of those humans: olive green skin, pumpkin orange, light blue, mocha brown, shiny white skin. In height they were 3 to 12 feet.************* Up until 2015 large scale conflicts broke out in deep space, Mars or Earth between the SSPs and their ET allies over the future of Earth. Goode says there is a civil war going on between those who want to end the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System and those who are getting rich on it (Cabal/Illuminati). Solar Warden leaders started questioning the agendas of Dark Fleet (Nazi) and ICC (Cabal/Banks) in the late 1990s. They also questioned what the Cabal was doing with those SAPs they were controlling. A hot war sometimes went under the Earth and produced earthquakes. It caused problems for Mars and other planets. There were many defections to Solar Warden SSP Alliance, and they brought actionable information. Some were Military Black Ops SSP Members, and they brought with them time critical information which was acted upon by some leaders in the Alliance without bringing it to the Council. This resulted in two Massive Attacks and many deaths. The Blue Avians called the incident an Atrocity, but those involved were unapologetic, there was a rift in the Alliance and a distrust of the defectors who had signed on with the Alliance. This information comes from “Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances,” by Michael Salla.

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