SSPs and ETs. CG his testimony about ancient SSPs by noting that: “The majority of them, however, have been very deceptive and over many hundreds of years have presented themselves as “Gods,” “Angels” and “ETs from Federations here to help Humanity.” It wasn’t discovered that some groups claiming to be ETs were actually from ancient Break Away Civilizations that are long gone. Then again, many of the real ETs were not telling us the truth about the location of their Star System. In the SSPs we began assigning different designations to “Beings,” and not calling them by their alleged location. This is a very sensitive subject, and one that has been filled with disinformation and deception for many years. After “Disclosure” there will be so much that will have to be unlearned and relearned. In addition to the complexity of the various SSPs and their rogue SAPs, there is the existence of the ET civilizations interacting with Earth. When humans got the BOMB, ETs hovered over missile ranges and even took the missiles offline. The Indigenous Reptilians helped the Nazi SS to get to the moon decades before Apollo. ETs from Aldebaran helped the Vril Society design spacecraft in a way that used mental telepathy and automatic writing. Telepathy works, even over long distances, because of a physics concept called entanglement.There really no distance between the ETs and the Vril Society. In Salla’s book, “Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET,” nineteen extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial (underground)are described. Salla made a list of ETs that are allied with national security and corporate elites which form the “Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex” (MIEC). These ETs and their agendas are the following: Short Grays-human rights abuses;***Tall Grays, Whites-galactic slave trade;***Praying Mantis-galactic slave trade;***Indigenous Reptilians-live under the Earth, elite corruption and domination;*** Draconian Reptilians-slave trade, corruption of financial system;*** Sirians-use of exotic weapons;***Anunnaki-COMPETE WITH DRACONIANS FOR CONTROL OF EARTH;***Aldebaran-Eugenics, ethnic cleansing;***** Those who are not allied with the MIEC are the following: Intraterrestrial (humans)-environmental protection;*** Solarians (Venus, Mars, Saturn)–introducing new energy technologies;*** Alpha Centaurans-social justice at a global level.***Lyrans-recovery of humanity’s true history;***Vegans-diplomacy and conflict resolution;*** Pleiadians-evolution of human consciousness;*** Procyons-ending secrecy of ETs;*** Tau Cetians-monitoring ET infiltration;*** Sirians-promoting bio-diversity;***The agenda of the two lists are, as can be seen, very different. There are some ETs that you don’t want to meet in a dark deserted…………………………………. Put your own scary nightmare on the blank.

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