The USAPs and inventors. In 1955 Otis Carr founded a company to build the world’s first civilian spacecrafts, OTC Enterprises, Inc. In 1959 he was successful in obtaining a patent; in order to get the patent, he said the 45 foot spaceship OTC-X1 was an amusement ride. He told the Patent Office that “passengers will receive the impression of riding in an interplanetary spacecraft” (quoted in “Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrials” by Michael Salla). The craft would be powered by “Ultrons,” which store electricity. The Ultrons would supply a series of counter rotating magnets, creating the energy required for overcoming earth’s gravity. Atmospheric electricity would be used as a recharging system. He had learned all of this from Tesla. Carr was scheduled to give a test of his 6 foot model in April of 1959 in Oklahoma City, but he was in the hospital with a lung hemorrhage The people gathered for the demonstration were keenly disappointed and Carr’s spacecraft project was increasingly shrouded in mystery. Carr relocated to California and even had test pilots, but he had problems with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for selling unregistered stock. In January of 1961 the New York Attorney General claimed Carr had swindled 50,000 dollars, and he was charged again with selling unregistered stocks. Carr was sentenced to a 14 year prison term.True Magazine labeled him a hoaxer and he faded from public view. I told this story to illustrate what happens to inventors who successfully invent any sort of device that will have an impact on people’s lives. Carr met resistance everywhere he went; getting in trouble with the law is standard harassment. But that was nothing compared to what came next. Fast forward to 2007 and the testimony of one of Carr’s test pilots, Ralph Ring. He had flown the 45 foot model and he said: “Fly is not the right word. It traversed distance. It seemed to take no time. I was with two other engineers when we piloted the 45 foot craft about 10 miles. I thought it hadn’t moved. I thought it had failed. I was completely astonished when I realized that we had returned with samples of rock and plants from our destination. It was more like a kind of teleportation.” Another remarkable part of Ring’s testimony concerns the unique navigation system used by the pilots to control the movements of the OTC-X1. According to Ring, this navigation system used the conscious intent of the pilots rather than conventional technology. Ring said: “We went into a kind of meditative state and all three of us (pilots) focused our intentions on the effect we wanted to achieve. Carr had tapped into some principle that is not understood in which consciousness is melded with engineering to create an effect. I have no idea how he knew it would work, but it did.******************* Ring said that 2 weeks after the successful test of the OTC-X1, Carr’s operation was shut down by the FBI and other government agencies in a secret raid involving 7 or 8 truckloads of armed government personnel. The FBI told Carr his project was being closed down because “of your threat to overthrow the monetary system of the United States of America.” So,Carr’s ability to get electricity from the atmosphere endangers the moneyed interests in a similar way that free energy does. So that is suppressed just like free energy is suppressed. But there are implications of this suppression. We don’t live in a free society. We are slaves to the oil economy. Our security is dependent on the stock market, and if derivatives collapse, we are going down. So, really, we don’t have any security at all.*********************** When Ring came forward to give his testimony, he was interviewed in 2006 by Project Camelot (Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan), he started having mysterious problems. He went into the hospital for a routine knee replacement, was given the wrong medicine and almost died three times. When he was taken by ambulance to another hospital, they didn’t take him to one close by; as he was close to death, they took him to a hospital 25 miles away. As Salla says, “Discrediting, silencing or terminating inventors and/or whistleblowers appears to continue.”

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