Secret Space Programs cont. According to Corey Goode in Michael Salla’s book “Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs,” there is a SSP related to the Dark Fleet. It operates outside the SS, so this suggests it uses “an advanced version of the Thule Tachyonator drive pioneered by the Vril Society and Nazi SS in 1943. The tachyon is a subatomic particle that may or may not exist. If so, it is faster than light. There are several programs called Special Access Programs (SAP) and some are Unacknowledged (USAP). Officials in government or corporations must lie to cover-up the existence of these programs or, more likely they don’t know about them at all. This is true if the programs turn to illegal sources of funding. USAPs have virtually no oversight by Congress. They are known as black projects. These black projects are suppressing free energy and won’t release it to the public. When inventors create a free energy device, that person’s lab is burned down, materials are confiscated, and often the inventor is murdered or framed for a crime and spends years in prison. Free energy is from the Zero Point Zone-Space, and one cup of it can boil away all the oceans. It’s free because after purchasing a device, a person would get this energy for free. The only device I’ve read about that uses free energy is a scalar weapon, which is dangerous when fired at someone. Also, I think Hal Puthoff made a flat screen TV using scalar energy.******* The leaders of the rogue USAPs work closely with the Cabal/ Deep State. The USAPs provide the Cabals with an ideal way to assassinate uncooperative leaders, manufacture false flag operations or create global catastrophes that can overwhelm nations. Derek Hennessy (aka Connor O’Ryan) revealed that during his years of covert service with the SAPs associated with the CIA, he was regularly asked to conduct assassination missions against anyone who threatened the secrecy system developed for extraterrestrial life and the Secret Space Programs. A good example of SAPs conducting false flag operations is the September 11, 2001 false flag operation that was created to facilitate a number of regional wars, which would also facilitate black budget funding for black operations programs. Remember Rumsfeld telling us he lost about 3 trillion dollars? According to Dr. Judy Wood, a former professor of mechanical engineering, the 9/11 attack used “directed free energy technology” from space based weapons systems. But it is in the area of Artificial Intelligence that USAPs present the most dire set of challenges.

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