Secret Space Programs. The ICC’s illegal activities in trafficking in human beings and other nefarious behavior has produced clashes with Solar Warden, which, being run by the Navy, maintains US Constitutional values and norms in the treatment of civilians. Goode said the Nazi Paperclip scientists infiltrated the ICC, giving it a negative cast. Many were assets of the Vril Society/ Nazi SS groups which ultimately created the “Dark Fleet.”The Dark Fleet operates mostly outside the Sol System. Another SSP that operates outside the SS is the Global Galactic League of Nations SSP. President Reagan is the inspiration for the League of Nations SSP. In November 1985 he suggested to the Soviet Union’s Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev that if the world was threatened by another species from outer space, we would quickly realize that we are all humans together on this earth. Gorbachev didn’t take him seriously, so he was more pointed in his speech before the UN General Assembly: “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” Reagan’s speech was the inspiration for the building of the UN’s SSP. It was an effort to bond all nations together. It also marked the end of the Cold War. The end of the Cold War stunned the world. Nobody saw it coming. But the development of a secret UN space program is not that surprising. In finding and exploiting ET, Nazi and other technology found anywhere in the world, the US would require the support of the international community. This especially is the case with major nations that had invested heavily in developing civilian run space programs that had launched satellites and/or space probes. Countries such as Russia, France, Germany, Italy, China, India, Brazil, Japan and others had significant space expertise and would be prepared to invest heavily into any advanced technologies that came into their possession. In order to get a nation’s full cooperation in maintaining secrecy regarding extraterrestrial life and the Nazi SSP, it would require a significant quid pro quo–an advanced spacecraft capable of interstellar travel. So, there are four SSPs: Solar Warden, run by the Navy; the ICC, infiltrated by numerous negative elements; the Dark Fleet, run by the Nazis and their partners, the Reptilians; and the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN), which is run by the UN and mostly explores outside the SS.

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