Support for Goode’s claims comes from former NASA Spacecraft Operator, Clark McClelland, who was told by German Paperclip scientists that no American fighter, not even the F-4D, could travel as fast as the Nazi saucers.Nazi sympathizers extensively penetrated the Military-Industrial-Complex (MIC). They had also infiltrated Paperclip and the Kennedy Space Center. They soon controlled “every aspect of the US, from the Financial System, the MIC, and soon after, all three branches of the US federal government.” People now are realizing what has happened to the US and President Trump is dealing with the Deep State, where the evil mainly comes from. That’s why he needs another term. He needs more time to finish the job. All his work is behind the scenes. I just found out that, when he declared a national emergency, he froze the financial assets of anyone who practiced child trafficking. Jeffery Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg. Goode described the infiltration and takeover “as a silent coup by the breakaway Nazi regime.” They also infiltrated Boards of Corporations; and they turned the American Republic into a Corporate Entity and each of us were “Assets” with our own “serial” number. Actually, this plan was developed before WWI by the Elites. Goode says that because the Nazis gained power through their treaties with the US, they were able to build a huge base on the moon. The base, known as Lunar Operations Command, was eventually turned over to a US SSP. The Nazi SSP, Dark Fleet, works entirely outside the Sol System and was/is very militaristic, with large fleets of wedge shaped craft. The Nazis work and fight alongside the Draco Alliance. There are many whistleblowers who say that the Draco Reptilians are an imperialist race that conquers many worlds and uses captives as slave labor. The Nazi SS Black Sun Order practiced occult communication with dead Teutonic spirits. Since the Dracos were very psychic, its not hard to imagine them infiltrating the Black Sun and impersonating the dead Teutonic spirits. This has led many researchers to believe that they are the demonic entities summoned in Satanism. Since the 1st Pentecost there haven’t been demons on this earth and nobody has been possessed. Jesus told the apostles this would be the case.*********************** Salla says that the name of a SSP is Solar Warden. As of 2005 there are 8 cigar shaped carrier ships, 43 protector space planes and some other craft. One plane was lost in Mars’ orbit attempting to re-supply the multinational colony within Mars. This base was established in 1964 by the Americans and Soviets. That was before the Apollo moon landings, folks. But we already know that NASA is a cover for real space programs.***************** Solar Warden is the fleet on which Corey Goode served for 20 years, and it was originally run by the Navy. Its focus is both scientific and military; it patrols the Solar System and acts as a police force, locating and removing unauthorized “visitors” on Earth and other planets. Their name is their game. Their cigar shaped ships can be a mile long. For combat they are using drones controlled by “Neurological interfaces” with the pilots. Corey worked as an “Intuitive Empath (IE). He was in a support role for the Earth delegates who took part in ET Federation Conferences. Corey could intuitively tell when an ET was lying, hiding information or hostility, etc.

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