Corey Goode claims that by the late 30s the Vril Society had spacecraft which could travel the 230,000 miles to the moon, land the first astronauts and even establish a moon base. Al Bielak, another whistleblower, claims that the US went to the moon in 1962 with a joint US-Russian expedition (Michael Salla, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs). Nazi SS document researcher Vladimir Terziski claims that the Nazis reached the moon in 1942, and by the end of the war, there was a small Nazi research base on the moon. The Nazis were helped by the Dracos from the Alpha Draconis star system who also have a subterranean earth civilization. The Draco-Reptilians under the earth are partners with the Elite cabal and have corrupted them. Their plan was to lower the population of the earth to 500,000,000, but now Trump has them running. The Vril Society tried to travel to the Aldebaran star system, but Corey Goode said they tried to use natural portals and ended up like the ship in the Philadelphia Experiment, in which an attempt was made to make a ship invisible, but it teleported from Philadelphia to Norfolk and killed its crew. Some were stuck in the bulkheads and some went insane. Corey said a whole new mathematics and physics had to be developed for portal travel. It isn’t clear whether the expedition was successful. ****The Allies didn’t exactly defeat Germany in WWII. Since before the war the Germans had been preparing bases in Antarctica and Argentina for their flying saucers and living space. Corey Goode describes “three known Antarctic (cities/bases) and several secret underground bases in Argentina.” Orsic’s fleet was not part of the war effort and it was relocated to Antarctica and Argentina. The two space programs, Nazi and Vril, were merged, and its leaders were taken over by dark occult forces that worked with negative ETs, the Draco- Reptilians.**********************************President Roosevelt became concerned about the Nazi bases in the Western Hemisphere (west of the 180th meridian). He sent Admiral Richard E Byrd and a huge armada (Operation Highjump); his classified mission was to locate the German bases and destroy them. The Nazis had help, not only from the Dracos, but from the “Aryans” or Nordics, who were actually an Ancient Earth Human Break Away Civilization that had developed a Space Program (the Silver Fleet) and had vast bases under the Himalayan Mountains, which they called Agartha. Byrd’s armada was defeated by UFOs coming straight out of the water and firing beam weapons. The speed of these craft could not be met in Byrd’s arsenal, and he was defeated in a few days. It was the first defeat of the US by an alien power. Later the Nazis used this power to force secret deals on Truman and Eisenhower. The Nazis knew from their Paperclip spies that the Americans had implimented an Executive Order making the existence of alien life the most classified subject on the planet. The reason being that the development and release of free energy would quickly destroy the Oil Trade, and soon thereafter the entire Babylonian Money Magic Slave System that all Elites use to control the masses.

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