The CIA, the Defense Department and ETs. The Urantia Book says that the universes are broken up into systems. The name of the system which contains Earth is Satania. The headquarters of the system is an artificial planet several times larger than Earth. Its name is Jerusem. All the planets in the system are numbered. The number of Earth is 606. Here is where things get very weird. The Galactic Alliance (an ET political group) has mapped out coordinates for planets and stars in the galaxy, like an IP address for each one. They have given Earth the number 606. What are the chances of that? This comes from Michael Salla, “USAF Secret Space Program.” There’s also new information about crop circles. They are probably produced by microwaves sent from satellites or military antigravity craft. Since nobody has even seen an aircraft associated with a crop circle, they probably come from satellites. Salla says the way the stalks of wheat are bent and burned is consistent with microwave radiation.************** And there’s more about the missile attack on Hawaii. The missile was fired from a nuclear stealth submarine, which was located and destroyed shortly after the attempted attack. There was an immediate cover-up, and the public was told that the bright light was an exploding meteorite. Most witnesses weren’t buying it. People saw something being shot down. Early news reports were taken down and replaced by the meteor story. Witnesses were visited and intimidated by police and other authorities to remain quiet. There was a Fusion Analyst at Hickham AFB in Pearl Harbor who described how the Trump White House said “Negative” to retaliation on North Korea and requested further information. The White House suspected a false flag, and QAnon, an anonymous military intelligence source, was also telling the public the same via online postings. Salla says QAnon works in the White House, but they don’t have any contact with Trump at all. The QAnon group sent a representative to Donald Trump encouraging him to run for president in 2016. They also gave him a list of things they wanted him to do–mainly things to save the country. They said they would always support him. But he has only the most oblique contact with them. Trump will tweet something only meant for QAnon, or their post will have meaning only for Trump.***************** Things got complicated when Trump tried to investigate the corruption in the Deep State. The NSA (National Security Agency) had files on the subject in Honolulu, and Trump, on his trip to Asia, tried to take those files and failed. So one motive for the attack on Hawaii would be to destroy the files. But Trump could have the files transferred to the Pentagon if there was a Emergency Missile System activated. So Trump had a motive for activating the Missile Alert, but the Deep State would make sure he was impeached. QAnon warned of further false flag attacks in post 538. Three days later Japan had an accidental alert that North Korea had launched a missile in another false flag by the Deep State. According to Benjamin Fulford the SSP was used to destroy the missile headed for Japan and to stop the cabal from leaving Earth. The Deep State was directly targeted by an Executive Order issued by Trump on December 21, 2017. It declared a national emergency and a freeze on the financial assets of anyone involved in human rights abuse and corruption anywhere around the world. QAnon has discovered that the CIA owns the submarine from which the missiles were launched. The CIA also has its own aircraft, carrier and battle group. The CIA has gone rogue; but we’ve known that for a long time. The fleet is called “The Dark Fleet.”

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