ETs and the Defense Department. ETs are now called EIs (Extraterrestrial Intelligences). There was a controlled landing/crash of a flying saucer near Aztec, NM in 1948. Two small humanoids were found dead in the cockpit, but there were four others that were successfully resuscitated. The surviving adult was given diplomatic status. He met with President Truman and top government officials and went back home in 1949. The EI gave the USAF the saucer he came in on, and to balance the delicate relationship with the Soviet Union, the EI gave that country the same technology. Three infants survived and stayed on earth. They were raised and brought regularly to USAF facilities to work with scientists on understanding on how alien technology worked. By 1989, when the briefing document was prepared, the EI children were 40+ year old adults. Another Nordic group that landed at Kirtland AFB did not object to the US’s use of thermonuclear bombs, and they left their damaged ships for the USAF to study. At that time the AF was also cooperating with the Grays, Reptilians and the Antarctic Germans.************** William Tompkins worked at the classified “Advanced Design” program at the Douglas Aircraft Company. His secretary was a Nordic, and she fed him information about the design of space ships for the Navy’s SSP. Emery Smith, a former USAF surgical assistant who was stationed at Kirtland AFB, said he met different types of EIs working within highly classified facilities. He also worked with EIs at Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Smith said in an interview that “extraterrestrials also came to watch over us…And they’re here to gather information to make sure we don’t blow up the earth or kill each other.” He also said that up to 100,000 EIs are living all over the planet, and you can’t tell the difference between them and earth humans. In fact, they are called people or humans, also.**************************** Emery Smith and Corey Goode (Goode had worked on the US Navy SSP) were interviewed by David Wilcock on his online show “Cosmic Disclosure.” They said there is a secret “Intruder Intercept and Interrogate Program” which, if a ship flies into our solar system, doesn’t give a friend or foe signal and is intercepted, they are taken from their ship. If they make it to Earth, a group will go after them and bring them to a space station for interrogation. This group acts as a police force for ETs who are here with permission. Most species of EIs are being suppressed. Emery autopsied EIs that had been tortured, beaten or with broken bones. Some died of the stress of being interrogated. Some starved to death. But the USAF broke from that extreme policy. They had been getting disinformation from their superiors in the Deep State. In fact the Air Force undertook a profound policy shift when they found out their friends, so-called, had been hiding the truth from them. They found out that the Navy had a Secret Space Program that was centuries ahead of the USAF. The leaking of the 1989 DIA document was a clear sign that the USAF SSP and its partners were intent on officially disclosing the existence of human-like EIs. The policy shift took effect immediately. The USAF allowed photos and videos to be taken of antigravity craft coming out of MacDill AFB in Florida. There were all shapes and sizes of craft. A specific photo-journalist was encouraged to take as many photos and videos as he possibly could. And remember that “drill” in Hawaii when someone accidentally pushed the wrong button? It was a mistake, but it was high drama. The USAF SSP partnered with the Nordics in intercepting a ballistic missile attack on Hawaii launched by the Deep State intended to start WWIII. So the “drill” turned out to announce a real threat. When the bomb blew up, the whole sky was bright light.

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