ETS/ UFOs and the Defense Department. Michael Salla in “US Air Force Secret Space Program” quotes part of a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document leaked to the December 2018 edition of MUFON Journal. The document gives a broad overview of the ET presence on earth and the ET relationship with the Department of Defense. It all began when Nikola Tesla was experimenting with electricity and the earth’s magnetic field. He inadvertently created a “directed energy weapon” which traveled through space and hit a planet with ETs on it. The ETs were curious about where the beam came from and came to earth. Many other species of ETs came later. Majestic 12 is the group formed by President Truman which advises presidents about ETs and treaties made with ETs. MJ-1 was William Webster, who was the only person to direct both the CIA and the FBI. Now he is an adviser to the Secretary of Homeland Security. The document refers to four groups of extraterrestrials in order of importance to our planet.******* A. Earth-like humanoids. There are several variations more or less like ourselves. The majority of these are friendly and are the bulk of our EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) contacts. Most have a high degree of psychic ability and all use science and engineering of an advanced nature.****** B. Small humanoids or “Grays”. The Grays, so-called for the hue of their skin possessed by most of this type, are a sort of drone. They are not unlike the worker ants or bees….They are mostly under the psychic control of the Earth-like humanoids who raise them like pets (or a kind of slave). Assuming the Grays are under benign control, they are harmless.* C. Non-humanoid EBEs. These are in several classes and come from worlds where dominant morphology took a different evolutionary course. Many of these are dangerous not for organized hostile intentions, but because such creatures do not hold human life as sacred…Thus far contact has been minimal with only a handful of unfortunate encounters.***************** D. Transmorphic Entities. Of all the forms of EBEs studied so far by Operation Majestic, these are the most difficult to understand or even to give a description of. Essentially, such entities are not “beings” or “creatures”…exist in some either dimension or plane, not in our space and time. They do not use devices or travel in space…In essence these entities are composed of pure mind energies…They are said (by other EBEs) to be capable of taking on any physical form that they “channel” their energy…as matter.**********************************Tesla had no idea he was creating such havoc out in space, but the neighbors out in Colorado Springs shut him down, so he was no longer a threat to people on planets light-years away. But his experiments brought on the flying saucer age, the crashes at Roswell and Aztec and other ETs.

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