This is a pause to bring some new information that Michael Sala unearthed for the book I cited earlier. First, Germany didn’t exactly lose WWII. During the war they had been building flying saucers and building a Fourth Reich civilization in Antarctica. After the war, they went there and to South America. Hitler lived in Argentina. The Nazis had the help of Draco Reptilians in building their fleet of flying saucers. In 1946 Rear Admiral Richard Byrd went to Antarctica with a huge armada of ships to unseat the Germans, but the flying saucers came out from under the base and easily defeated Byrd and his ships. Byrd went home and reported on the situation. Byrd’s attack on the Nazis was called Operation Highjump. Also, there were flying saucers going over the White House on three consecutive weekends in 1952, which turned out to be flown by Germans. President Eisenhower (1952-1960) met Nordic ETs at Edwards Air Force Base, and the Nordics agreed to give the US anti-gravity technology if the US gave up the nuclear bomb. The Nordics told Eisenhower about a planet that was blown into fragments by H-bombs. H-bombs are far more dangerous than uranium fuel bombs, according to the Nordics, because it contains “life.” But Ike couldn’t agree with that, although he did try to get the Soviets to agree to a ban on nuclear weapons and failed. But Ike did make a treaty with the Tall Grays. He would build facilities for them and their craft, and they would give the US propulsion technology. Eisenhower wasn’t thrilled because it was nuclear rocket technology, which couldn’t take the US beyond the moon. The Tall Grays wouldn’t give us technology that would take us into space because of man’s militant, hostile character. Ike also made a treaty with the Fourth Reich Germans. The Germans would be financed by the US (secretly), and be allowed to use our industrial base for building spaceships. And the US would get their technology. After WWII German scientists and technicians were brought to the US under Project Paperclip. Wernher von Braun, a rocket scientist on the V-2 in Germany, came over and brought his whole staff, putting them in leadership positions. The Air Force built the modern Marshall Space Operations Center, installed the Nazis and let them build rockets (Saturn V). But they didn’t supervise them. Weren’t they our enemies? Not anymore. And they were building antigravity craft as well as Saturn V rockets.************** I mentioned a false flag alien attack on earth. Wernher von Braun warned about it through his spokesperson, Carol Rosin. This would justify the US and other countries in giving up their sovereignty and forming a one world government secretly controlled by the Nazis and their allies the Dracos. Rosin’s testimony also suggested that secret space stations built by the Air Force and NASA would be the platforms for the “alien attack.” Holographic images would be beamed from the space stations. The purpose of the false flag operation would be to weaponize space. A journalist named Serge Monast uncovered Project Blue Beam, the false flag attack. He also uncovered the holographic technology. He exposed this in 1994 and was dead of a heart attack in 1996. He had no history of heart trouble. But why close the barn door after the horse has escaped?******** I need to say something about MOLs (Manned Orbital Labs). The Air Force and NASA secretly built these space stations, but they weren’t labs. They were for spying–spying on the Germans, the Soviets, alien visitors, and there were plans to build defensive technology on them. They had 9 modules arranged in a circle with three modules in the center of the circle. They could hold 12, 40 or even 300 astronauts. This was all top secret while attention was diverted to Apollo moon landings and the ISS. As far as weaponizing space, the ETs have a history of knocking our missiles out of the air. They also have taken missiles in silos offline. These missiles all have their own power source; they aren’t connected. It was time-consuming to get them back online.

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