I need to pause and bring further information about some items I’ve mentioned in the past. I watched a YouTube presentation in which Kerry Cassidy interviewed Simon Parkes. Simon was raised among the Illuminati and endured abuse and satanism. He’s a refugee from that life and is recovering. He added to my knowledge of QAnon. It consists of 5 men who use AI and a 5D wave machine to predict the future, and Simon says their predictions have a high probability of success. I have more information now. A group of generals told Jerome Corsi, a writer, that Donald Trump had been recruited by a military intelligence group calling itself QAnon to run for president in 2016 and if elected, to remove all the corrupt Deep State officials. They also gave him a list of items to accomplish. I can’t find the list, but Trump is accomplishing most of the items on the list. They also said they would support him to the max. Trump doesn’t know the identity of these men.** I’ve also mentioned the 50, 000 indictments (the figure changes) which we are still waiting to be unsealed. Trump created quazi-military courts in every state to handle the trials, so they could be short, maybe 2 weeks. The trials will be held in the states where the indictments are served and the served live. The states with the most indictments are Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and California. Judges have had special training for these trials. In the actual indictments the words satanism or pedophilia won’t appear. Child trafficking will be the vocabulary used. The size and co-ordination of the child trafficking networks are shocking, and they must be pulled out by the roots. There will be complete secrecy surrounding these trials.**************** Another item is that an enormous number of satellites have been taken offline by “bad guys.” And China has put in orbit the first superluminal satellite. Now, that means faster than light, which travels 186,000 miles per second. So I really question this report. Why wouldn’t the satellite fling itself out of orbit? Or burn up? Or crash?********************* The weather wars were also discussed. It is mainly the US making war against itself. For instance, Hurricane Florence was an engineered storm. This weather technology is being interrupted by a huge gong which sends out a frequency damaging to the technology. But the really good news is that weather events are facilitated by satellites, and with so many satellites offline, the technology is dormant. The bad guys who took the sats offline were actually aliens, not Chinese or Russians. The aliens are trying to save us from destroying ourselves.*********** Richard Allen Miller, a geologist, said on 11/18 that the volcano at Yellowstone was going to erupt in 6 months. It has been 6 months 6/19, and it hasn’t blown yet. It is actually overdue to erupt, according to records. Recently, a volcano in Hawaii was triggered to erupt. Why are we being targeted by our own people? This is definitely something for Trump to work on. The news media didn’t pick this up, but there was an assassination attempt made on his life. I think it was the night that Marines were swarming around the White House.

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