There is a danger looming in the near future. There will be a roll-out of 5G around 2020, if the cell phone companies have their way. 5G stands for Fifth Generation cell phone technology. Right now we have Fourth Generation cell phone technology. 5G cell phone towers will use a broader bandwidth of microwave frequencies–from 30GHz to 300GHz, because the present bandwidth is becoming too crowded. These microwaves are more frequent, faster and more dangerous. Lloyd Burrell on his website Electric Sense enumerates 11 dangers of 5G: DNA double and single strand breaks**oxidative damage**disruption of cell metabolism** increased blood/brain permeability**melatonin reduction**disruption to blood/glucose metabolism**generation of stress proteins**radio-frequency radiation classified by WHO as a possible 2B carcinogen. To be sure, people complained about these things when the radio was invented, but nobody died of listening to the radio.******************** Burrell also discusses the reasons behind the shift to 5G. As mentioned previously, the 4G bandwidth has become saturated , forcing a change to other frequencies. 5G will connect us anywhere we are to any object in the world. If it corrects the dead zone in my apartment, I’ll be satisfied. Cars will drive themselves–look how that turned out. says that 5G will support 100 billion devices and will be 10 to 100 times faster than 4G. Do we really need faster than 4G if it means destroying the health of millions? To quote: 5G offers mind-blowing data capabilities, practically unrestricted call volumes and near infinite data broadcast. It does this by using the largely untapped bandwidth of the millimeter wave (MMW), which is between 30 and 300GHz. There are more disadvantages. They are going to need more cell towers because the wave can’t go through concrete. They’ll need a tower in every neighborhood, above every school, every place of business. They don’t need to be large, but they need to be ubiquitous. And that’s why the health problems will manifest. The towers give off pulsed EMF–electro-magnetic frequencies, which nobody has ever said are healthy for the human or other life forms. Being pulsed makes them worse. One person said they are focused like a directed energy weapon. Another person said 5G was a weapon system masquerading as a modern efficient technology. Sacha Stone said it was stealth technology in service of an extinction event. There was a White House Summit on 5G in 2018 and the speakers seemed to be unanimous that 5G was the best thing since sliced bread. One speaker said that we can’t allow barriers to stop us in implementing 5G. Nothing about health or the fact that the sperm count is dropping like a lead balloon. Nothing about autism or Alzheimers. But there is a higher view and Kerry Cassidy always reminds me of it. We are on a journey and we chose this life and likewise, this situation. We wanted to live at this time in this situation. I should say “I” because I can only speak for myself.

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