This post is a clarification of the previous post sent in yesterday. I spoke about Deborah Tavares’s documents which alleged that bridges and dams were being allowed to crumble and fall apart. I reflected about that and realized that I’ve seen a lot of bridges being repaired in my travels. And I know of one reservoir that was repaired some time after it was built. It’s an earthen dam, which is very rare, and is one of five dams that supply water to New York City. The other topic that doesn’t sound right is the Black Pope being at the top of the human food chain, answering to the Reptilians. I’ve always read that men with vast wealth and power were the controllers, not some priest. I think some of Deborah’s information was disinformation, which somebody put out to see where it would go. I hear a lot of stuff on YouTube and I never know whether to believe it or not. I usually run it past my therapist and if it sounds silly coming out of my mouth I forget I heard it. I never actually believe anything, but I like bouncing crazy new information around in my mind. I’ve heard enough and read enough to know at least that there’s a separate civilization living off the trillions spent by the defense department in black budget programs, and which includes the secret space program, secret new weapons, satellites used for nefarious purposes, bases on the moon, Mars, space flight out of the Solar System, possible use of clone drones and other things like super soldiers we can’t even imagine.

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