I am pausing the blog to present new information that comes from research into what those who hold the fate of seven and one-half billion people in their hands are planning for us. I watched a round-table discussion on Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot You Tube channel and Deborah Taveras brought new information to the discussion. I’ll start with the less controversial. Many countries are pooling their resources to build space platforms for space based weapons. These weapons are to defend against alien attack. We now have the same kind of weapons that aliens do; we have scalar weapons that operate and get their energy from space. Also, aliens are at war with each other just above our cloud cover. Why are they fighting? They didn’t say, but I would guess that one species is trying to defend humans against a hostile force. And we are blithely unaware of all this.************** The command and control structure in this world has a pyramid shape. At the very top are the Reptilians, an alien species that has lived underground for thousands of years. They consider this planet their home. The next level down is the cabal. They answer to the Reptilians. The cabal includes the “Illuminati,” parts of the Deep State, the top bankers, the Rothschilds, some in the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR), the Bilderberg Group, those in the 1%, or those in a position to make life and death decisions for millions of people. This group contains dark magicians and blood-drinking Satanists. At the top of this group is supposedly the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits. It is said that the new SG is working toward global socialism. The real pope is also being smeared and it is said that he drinks blood. This is simply a misunderstanding of the Eucharist. ****************************************** The supercollider at Cern in Switzerland is a place where portals are opening up, enabling Reptilians to bring heavy machinery though from their other reality.**********************************The next bit of information is sickening. You have heard about our crumbling infrastructure. Every president promises to fix it but never does. Deborah revealed documents that expose the reason why these things never get done. The powers that be don’t intend to fix crumbling dams, bridges, tunnels, etc. They are going to let them fall apart. Sound crazy?Not if you are out to destroy the country. The engineers who inspect them give them a passing grade even if there are obvious weaknesses. When they collapse, that will further the goal of reduced population and decay of society and culture. For example, there’s a dam near San Francisco that caused an earthquake. Dams and reservoirs cause earthquakes. This in turn weakens the fabric of the dam.THINK: fake lakes cause quakes. I didn’t understand why this happens, but the dam near SF is on a fault line. The dam is weak and they aren’t going to fix it. That means it will break, flooding San Francisco, Los Angeles, tributary rivers, agriculture, farms, houses, millions of people and making the land unlivable for who knows how long. It will also wash people out to sea, where they will have a slim chance of surviving. All this comes from documents Deborah Tevaras found in her researches.********************** You know the trade war with China has been in the news. But its not about what the media is telling us. It’s about some kind of chip that China wants to sell in the West because when its installed China can spy on whatever country buys the chip. Britain bought the chip and it’s going to take 2 years to integrate its streetlights with China’s technology. I’m wondering about its traffic cams-London has an obscene number of them. Trump doesn’t want any of China’s technology, no matter what it is.******************** And the last bit of news is that California is being blitzed with nanomachines from jet exhaust and ending up in peoples’ bodies. The good news is that the Father is still in charge and Jesus is more popular than ever. The Good will find a way.

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