I am going to interrupt the blog to post some news about government shenanigans. I watched Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interview Richard Lighthouse, who has written 100 books on science and aerospace engineering. He also worked at NASA. His latest books involve directed energy weapons, and they are free in an e-book format. His topic today was USAP-unacknowledged special access programs–black projects. The particular black project he was discussing is the directed energy weapons aimed at all of our heads, which contain subliminal messages. Three government agencies handle this program: it starts with a group in the CIA, goes on to the National Security Division of the Justice Department and is carried out by the 50th Space Wing at Schriever AFB near Colorado Springs. All of us, including all government employees, are being mind controlled by satellites directing energy weapons at our heads. There are 9 different weapons automated by computers to fire digital beams 100 million times a second. The messages they send are negative. For example, they send messages to vets that life is not worth living–thus the high suicide rate among vets. You can’t make this stuff up!!! There are some things that can be done to counter this harassment. On the website inthesky.org there is a satellite map, and you can see which satellite is targeting you. You can put your hand on your head and feel the microwave vibrations of the directed energy beam (it didn’t work for me). Also, if you are really quiet, you can hear ringing in your ears (that didn’t work, either). But I’ve been a target in the past, so I’m sure the wave is there. You can expose this program by telling your elected representative about it. They probably don’t know. YouTube, which is owned by Google, messed with Kerry’s presentation. The people in the chat room couldn’t hear the presenter. This often happens to Kerry because she mostly interviews whistleblowers. Make sure to think positive thoughts to counter this diabolical program.

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