Before I start, I want to explain why its been so long since my last post. I had to have my dog euthanized last Monday, and I’m not taking it well, not at all. I avoided facing my feelings, which is typical for me, so I was paralyzed and didn’t want to do anything. But I was finally able to get some writing done. Here it is. This is the life of Jesus, God of Nebadon. Their next stop was Cyprus. They loaded several pack animals with supplies and traveled into the remote mountains. Ganid suddenly became seriously ill with a high fever in an area with no doctors. Gonod was impressed with Jesus’ expertise in nursing Ganid back to health. When Ganid regained his health, he and Jesus walked the hills while Jesus discoursed on the human mind. Ganid wanted to know why Jesus said that “man experiences a higher form of self-consciousness than do the higher animals.” Jesus had already told Ganid about the divine spirit living in the mind. Then Jesus added: “self-consciousness is a reality. When any animal becomes self-conscious, it becomes a primitive man. (Also), Ideas are not simply a record of sensations; ideas are sensations plus the reflective interpretations of the personal self; and the self is more than the sum of one’s sensations…No mere animal could possess time self-consciousness…Neither is the human self merely the sum of the successive states of consciousness” (133.7.6-9).******************************* The three stopped at Antioch, but the city was so immoral, that Jesus made no contacts and they soon left for Mesopotamia. Jesus helped with the loading of 20 camels, and Ganid asked him if there were anything he couldn’t do. Their target city was the ancient city of Ur. Jesus was very interested in Ur because Abraham was born there. Also, his father, Terah, was a priest of the Anunnaki “gods” who were actually an alien human race which developed the earthly human race. It would be interesting to know what Jesus thought of this. On earth Jesus had Life Carriers which seeded planets with DNA and other elements of life. When they were sure these living elements would survive, the Life Carriers went back to their labs and let Evolution take over. The people who study alien influence on humans say that we have been interbred with several alien species. Humans are actually aliens. And we have aliens walking our streets and we don’t know what their agenda is. David Jacobs of Temple University thinks their agenda is to take over earth. We know they made treaties with our government, and we know they ignored these treaties by abducting people. And that base at Dulce, NM is a horror chamber. Our military can’t control what happens there, and they have died trying. There are bad things going on in this world. That’s why I stay close to Jesus. Back to the post: While in Ur, Jesus and Ganid had a long talk about the difference among knowledge, wisdom and truth. Ganid liked the saying of the Hebrew wise man: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. With all your quest for knowledge, get understanding. Exalt wisdom and she will promote you. She will bring you to honor if you will but embrace her” (133.9.3). You notice the feminine pronoun in this saying. Wisdom in the Hebrew scriptures is feminine. She is the female counterpart of Yahweh, or perhaps she’s the feminine part of Yahweh. In very olden days Yahweh had a wife-goddess named Asherah. After they had seen Ur, it was time for them to part. They parted at Charax, a small boat taking Ganid and his father out to the ship they would sail in. Ganid grew up to be successful, and he enjoyed spreading his tutor’s teachings everywhere he went. When he heard of the crucifixion of a holy man in Palestine, he did not link him with his tutor.******* Jesus “made deliberate plans to return to Galilee to await the beginning of his lifework as a public teacher of truth…he did this of his own free will” (134.0.1). He decided that Palestine, the place of his birth, was the best place to set the closing chapters and enact the final scenes of his life on earth. He was finally satisfied with the program of fully manifesting his true nature and of revealing his divine identity among the Jews and gentiles of his native Palestine. Jesus had left Charax in December AD 23, and proceeded to Babylon, where he joined a caravan going to Damascus. From there he went to Zebedee’s boatshop in Capernaum, where he met his brothers James and Jude. Next, he went on to Nazareth and spent time with Mary and Ruth, the youngest at 15. Jesus was now 30 and it was AD 24. His family thought his absence was due to study in Alexandria, and he said nothing to the contrary. His family, especially his mother, wondered why he was so quiet. Why didn’t he tell his family about his adventures with the 2 Indians? What was Jesus afraid of revealing? Was it too secular? Was having fun something just not done? He revealed that side of himself when he set up recreation for his disciples. Was he afraid of criticism? Anyway, Simon and Jude had wanted to get married, but they wanted Jesus’ permission. Now with Jesus present, they could go ahead. So in early March of AD 24, they were married at a double wedding. Jesus was no sooner home than he picked up another job leading a caravan. A caravan leader suddenly died in Nazareth and Jesus, with his linguistic skills, offered to replace him. He would be gone a year. And his inner self needed more work before he could reveal himself. “Progress was made in effecting working harmony between his human mind and the indwelling Adjuster. The Adjuster had been actively engaged in reorganizing the thinking and in rehearsing the mind for the great events which were in the not then distant future. The personality of Jesus was preparing for his great change in attitude toward the world…(He would now be) making ready to complete his earth career as man appearing as God” (134.1.7).

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