Urantia Book 8. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of the Universe of Nebadon. During Jesus’ 14th year he was already expert at making yokes (they are put around a draft animal’s neck to pull a load), good with both canvas and leather and an expert cabinetmaker and carpenter. He was coming more self-conscious of the nature of his bestowal and meditated deeply about this bestowal. He continued advanced studies with synagogue teachers in Nazareth and continued to teach his brothers and sisters. Joseph and Mary had many doubts about Jesus because nothing miraculous ever happened. Mary was constantly disheartened by her expectations that Jesus would do something superhuman. But he refused to do anything special, Indeed, he didn’t even know she had these “great expectations.” Also, he was so difficult to understand. For all that, the future seemed bright, and Jesus was allowed to take music lessons on the harp. The future seems bright until it doesn’t. On Tuesday, September 25, a runner from Sepphoris came with a message that Joseph had been injured by the fall of a derrick while at work on the governor’s residence. Mary ran to Joseph’s side, taking James, now 10, and leaving Jesus in charge of the other children. Joseph died of his injuries before Mary could reach him. Joseph was brought to Nazareth and buried the next day. All future plans for this family were apparently smashed by a cruel fate. Jesus awoke to the fact that ” he had not only to fulfill the commission of his heavenly Father to reveal the divine nature on earth and in the flesh, but that his young human nature must also shoulder the responsibility of caring for his widowed mother and seven brothers and sisters–and another yet to be born. This lad of Nazareth now became the sole support and comfort of this so suddenly bereaved family” (126.2.2). These events were ordained to give Jesus “heavy but highly educational and disciplinary responsibilities attendant upon becoming the head of a human family, of becoming father to his own brothers and sisters, of supporting and protecting his mother, of functioning as guardian of his father’s home, the only home he was to know while on this world” (126.2.2). Jesus cheerfully accepted this responsibility; a problem had been solved for him: he wouldn’t be going to Jerusalem Temple School when he turned 15.*************** Jesus, as the years passed, measured religious and other institutions by this test: what does it do for the human soul? Does it bring God to man? Does it bring man to God? He devoted his time and energy to just two purposes: the care of his family and the preparation to do his Father’s heavenly will on earth (126.2.5). Jesus proved to be a good money manager, and Joseph had left enough money to keep the family from poverty. And Jesus had keen business and financial judgment. By the time Jesus was 15 (AD 9), he had a firm grip on the management of his family. They had run out of Joseph’s money and were forced to sell a house which Joseph co-owned with his neighbor Jacob. On Wednesday, April 17, AD 9 Ruth, the baby of the family was born. Jesus tried to give Ruth the love of a father. Also this year Jesus composed “The Lord’s Prayer,” which he would later teach to his Apostles. Jesus tried to teach his younger siblings to pray spontaneously, making up their own prayers, but it was a losing battle. They would constantly fall back into rote prayers. Jesus finally gave up.********** During this year, Jesus was troubled by confusion. He obviously couldn’t be about his Father’s business–he was weighed down with responsibilities. He rightly assumed that his first priority was the care of his family. At the same time he was making progress spiritually. He was reading a passage in the Book of Enoch, and the title ‘Son of Man’ was found in the passage. He had been wondering about his own designation as an Incarnated teacher and decided ‘Son of Man’ was just right. Also, he had spent many hours thinking about the Jewish Messiah, and “was firmly convinced that he was not to be that Messiah” (126.3.5). He didn’t see himself leading armies or sitting on a throne. Neither did he see his message as only to the Jews. He didn’t see himself fulfilling the Messianic prophecies in the Hebrew scriptures. Nor would he appear as the Son of Man depicted by the Prophet Daniel. Jesus said nothing to his mother about these plans and ideas; she still held on to the idea that he was the Jewish Messiah. Jesus wondered–Was he really a Jew? Was he of the House of David? His father said he was not. Had the prophets confused the nature and mission of the Messiah? How would he recognize a Messiah if one should appear in Nazareth? What would be his relation to this Messiah?*************************** With money disappearing, Mary turned dove-selling over to James and bought a second cow. With the help of Miriam, they sold milk to their neighbors. With his frequent trips to the hill, his profound meditations and his strange ideas, Jesus thoroughly alarmed his mother. But Jesus was learning not to express every thought he had, especially thoughts that the average person can’t understand. I know the feeling. My previous blog was information about how the Illuminati and related forces are trying to destroy humanity, especially Americans. Some of the information was complicated and to some people could be conspiracy theories, although it was well-researched. There was also classified information in the blog that I obtained through underground resources. When I tell my relatives this kind of information, they think I’m crazy, so I know how Jesus felt. Now, back to the blog. “From this year on, Jesus’ disclosures about what was going on in his mind steadily diminished; he talked less about these things… which would lead to his being regarded as peculiar or different from ordinary folks” (126.3.13). Touche! Here’s a conspiracy theory. I had all kinds of trouble when I was typing the blog about the Illuminati. For example, I would be half-way finished and the text would disappear. This happened at least 3 times. There were other things as well, like I couldn’t see the last line as I was typing it–I couldn’t see it until I started typing the next line. The website is odd, too, but I won’t even get into that. Now I’ve started a blog about Jesus and I’m having none of those problems. For me, a picture is starting to emerge. Is someone monitoring my work? Did someone hack into my computer? Who would even care enough to interfere with my work? Why would anyone even care about my opinions? Would they care about the information in the blog? The same information is in the public domain. But maybe somebody doesn’t like how I connected the dots. OH WELL.OH HELL.

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