The Urantia Book. I read in EraOfLight that many of the top cabalists are still at large but running for cover. I thought they had been rounded up. It seems like I still have to fear for the children. Now the blog. The supreme spiritual purpose of the Michael bestowal was to enhance the revelation of God. The context into which Michael was born was ideal for the spread of a new religion. Three extraordinary influences came together: the Roman political and social systems, the Greek language and philosophy and the spreading influence of Jewish religious and moral teachings. Michael was born into a unified Empire with good roads enabling trade and travel. The Jews occupied the crossroads of 3 continents, and roads passed Nazareth. Jewish synagogues scattered all over the Empire gave the new religion of Christianity its first hearing. Paul made converts among the gentiles who attended these synagogues services. In Antioch Paul’s disciples were first called Christians. The great Temple at Jerusalem, drawing Jews and gentiles from everywhere, was the secret of the survival of monotheism. So, Michael decided to be born a Jew at the height of the Roman Empire. *********** The gentile world was dominated by four great philosophies: Epicurean, Stoic, Cynic and Skeptic. The Epicureans were dedicated to the pursuit of happiness. Stoics tried to attune their minds to the Universal Mind. The Cynics preached simplicity and virtue and urged men to meet death fearlessly. Skepticism held that all knowledge was fallacious and nothing could be assured. This is similar to the Buddhist “all is illusion.” There were religions also: pagan cults, emperor worship, astrology and mystery religions. Mystery religions had a dying and resurrecting god, salvation, communion, sacrifice, ritual, etc. Mithraism was a popular mystery religion. Today’s Satanic sacrificial sex rituals to raise demons has come down from ancient mystery religions.******************************* Jesus was born into a context where three languages were spoken. The common people spoke Aramaic, the priests and rabbis spoke Hebrew and the educated class spoke Greek. Jesus could speak and write all three. Joseph taught him Greek from a Greek Bible that had been given to the family. There is evidence that the disciples could read and speak Hebrew. Philo of Alexandria harmonized and systematized Greek philosophy and Hebrew theology into a compact and fairly consistent system of religious belief and practice (121.6.3).****************** Gabriel made a personal visit to Urantia to find out which nation or group of people would be best for Michael’s bestowal. He decided on the Hebrews and Michael agreed. Then the Family Commission of Twelve were called to Urantia to survey couples and nominate 3 that would be equally favorable for Michael’s incarnation. Gabriel chose Joseph and Mary; and he subsequently appeared to Mary announcing that she would give birth to Michael/Joshua. Joseph would be the father of Joshua, better known as Jesus. Joseph’s ancestry did not include David and Solomon, nor did it go directly back to Adam. Joseph’s ancestors were builders: masons, smiths, carpenters. Joseph was a carpenter, then a contractor. Mary had many famous women in her ancestry; her racial background was broader than Joseph’s- she was barely Jewish. Mary and Joseph were chosen because they were average, but had wide racial connections and superior personality endowments. So, Mary and her cousin Elizabeth were going to give birth to special babies. Elizabeth received an announcement from Gabriel that she would give birth to the forerunner to the child Mary was carrying, and she was to call him John. Her husband, Zechariah, was skeptical because they were so old. In the New Testament (Luke 1:18-22) he is struck dumb until John’s baptism, but the UB says nothing about this. When Gabriel told Mary that Elizabeth had a similar announcement, Mary went to visit her. She stayed with Elisabeth 3 weeks, not 3 months, as it says in Luke 1: 56. Gabriel also told Mary that she would call the baby Joshua, and that he would inaugurate the kingdom of heaven on earth and among men. He said, “The power of the Most High will strengthen you, and the Lord of all the earth shall overshadow you” (122.3.1). Gabriel’s announcement to Mary was made the day following the conception of Jesus…(122.3.4). Mary was not a virgin and she bore 6 other children after Jesus. Poor Joseph was very confused when Mary told him about Gabriel’s visit and announcement–until he had a dream. In his dream Gabriel appeared to him and told him that the son Mary would bear will become a great light in the world. In him will be life and his life will become the light of mankind. He will preach first to his own people, but they won’t accept him. But to those who accept him, he will reveal to them that they are children of God. Now, what did Gabriel NOT say: that Jesus was in the line of King David; that Jesus would deliver the Jews from the Romans; that Jesus was the long-expected Messiah. Prophecies like Isaiah 52 and 53 were misapplied to Jesus. Jesus himself denied any connection with the royal house of David. The passage “a maiden shall bear a son” was mistranslated to “a virgin shall bear a son.” The genealogies in the gospels are also not accurate. On the other hand, Jesus WAS the world’s deliverer. His mission was to all the races and peoples, not to just one group.

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