The Urantia Book Fox News had a notice made up of the dates of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s birth and death and mistakingly put it on the air. EraOfLight says she is not coming back to her job, and a doctor opined that she probably didn’t have lung cancer; I assume because he meant the pancreatic cancer had come back.****************** I am changing the topic of my blog. I’ve gone to the end of the topic I was writing on, and there is not much more to say. I was writing on a cabal that’s either on trial, dead or running scared. Nothing to see here, folks. But there is a topic I always wanted to inform the public about, and that is the real story about Jesus (the Bible is not accurate) and the universes. There is a multi-universe, but it isn’t like the physicists envision it. To start, our planet is called Urantia, and it’s in the universe of Nebadon (in English). Nebadon has many small systems, and Urantia is in the system of Satania. Jerusem, an artificial planet, is the headquarters of this system. Nebadon is one of 100,000 universes in the superuniverse of Orvonton. There are 7 superuniverses revolving around Havona, which consists of 7 circuits surrounding Paradise Isle. In Paradise we find the Trinity: the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. Now, let’s go back to our local universe, Nebadon. Jesus, also called Christ Michael, is the God and Sovereign of Nebadon. His headquarters is an artificial planet called Salvington in English. The universe has its own language. This planet has 7 satellites, each having 7 satellites. You can see that the number 7 is very important to the Father. Training and education take place on these satellites, as well as the creation of life forms. We will get to the structure and population of the grand universe later, but now I am going to focus on the life of Jesus, real name Michael.********* The Bible is inaccurate in many places, but don’t substitute the Urantia Book for the Bible. They both have their place. The Urantia Book is correct because angels followed Christ Michael around recording his every word and deed, and they could do this when no human was around. Midwayers under the supervision of a Melchizedek and the Apostle Andrew dictated the book to humans. Midwayers are almost human, but we can’t see them. A Melchizedek came to earth in Abraham’s time because the knowledge of the One God was fading. He established a school and sent missionaries out to preach the One God. This Melchizedek opens by telling us that Michael, the God of Nebadon, had to bestow himself on 7 planets in order to achieve full sovereignty of his universe, and he had to do it in the similitude of the people on those planets. Urantia was to be his last bestowal. Why? He wanted to embody the universe wisdom and divine experience of the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is our only experiential God. The Gods of the Trinity are existential–they don’t experience anything. The Supreme Being isn’t complete yet, but it’s growing. And it is the God for humans because it is experiential. As Michael was preparing for his bestowal, he gave Gabriel, his chief executive, his usual orders. He gave his brother, Immanuel, those that Gabriel wasn’t assigned. After that, Immanuel presented Michael with The Seventh Bestowal Commission. Here are some excerpts: “Now you are about to appear on Urantia, the disordered and disturbed planet of your choice, not as a fully developed mortal-as before-but as a helpless babe…Throughout your Urantia bestowal, you need be concerned with but one thing, the unbroken communion between you and your Paradise Father… In this interim of your incarnation, the Ancients of Days ( rulers of Orvonton) mandate the instantaneous and automatic extinction of any being guilty of rebellion or presuming to instigate insurrection in the universe of Nebadon while you are absent on this bestowal. Michael was charged with ending the Lucifer rebellion, and as a mortal, as the Son of Man. Michael must also take on the position of Planetary Prince.This position was held by Caligastia, but he followed Lucifer into rebellion. Satan, Lucifer’s lieutenant, also followed Lucifer. Most people think they are the same entity. They are wrong. They were eventually brought to trial on Uversa, the capital of Orvonton. They were found guilty of their crimes and were given a choice: self-termination or termination by the court. They chose the first, so they no longer exist. I don’t know who Satanists are worshiping. Every planet has a Planet Prince, a being who is helping the planet in some way. Our planet prince is Christ Michael, but a Melchizedek is supposed to be acting on his behalf. The last I heard the acting PP hadn’t arrived yet. Immanuel further charged Michael to go to Urantia in the role of a teacher, to illuminate the darkened intellect, heal souls, liberate minds from fears and minister to the physical well-being and material comfort of Urantians. Probably the most important charge Immanual gave Michael was to make immediately and fully accessible to humanity the segregated presence of the Universal Father, the Thought Adjusters. TAs are a fragment of the Father dwelling in each of us starting around age 5, when we start to become conscious of ourselves. TAs act as a conscience or guide. You can follow their advice or you can actually have a conversation with them and ask them about the best thing to do in a particular situation. Or you can ignore them, and when you go against your conscience, you will have a nagging feeling or even a disaster. But I digress. Immanuel said to Michael, “You are about to experience the final enlightenment of a time-space Creator, the dual experience of working within the nature of man with the will of your Paradise Father.” Michael was also to reveal and interpret his Father to the mortals on Urantia–that was his main goal. Michael was then told not to leave anything behind in writing or let anyone make any images of himself. Another incarnation mandate was that he was not to leave offspring behind after a bestowal. Jesus never married. And after 6 other bestowals, I’m sure he knew all this. Immanuel stayed at Salvington to take care of the universe while Gabriel went with Michael to Urantia.

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