The Department of Defense website has nothing about trials of “Deep State” operatives, but it does have an announcement about the trial of Kaleed Sheik Muhammad. Is this some kind of screen? On to the blog. Schlichter describes the life of a typical Normal. He grows up in a dusty Midwest town which has lost its manufacturing base. We’ll call him Bill. So when Bill graduates from high school, he joins the Marines. He’s angry about 9/11 and wants revenge on terrorists. But also the military runs in his family. His grandfather was in WWII (Guadalcanal), and his father fought in Vietnam (Khe Sanh). Bill was sent to Iraq and earned a Purple Heart he didn’t think he earned. When he came home, he tried to find work as a roofer, but they were only hiring “illegals.” They told Bill they couldn’t afford to hire Americans and pay minimum wage. So he found a job at Walmart. He was promoted to manager, but the pay still wasn’t good and there were no benefits. There were pieces of shrapnel still stuck in his chest and he had a cough which he attributed to the fighting, all the dust and fumes from burning diesel. He made an appointment at the VA four months in advance. The waiting room was very crowded and he waited 3 hours for his appointment. After waiting so long, he was told that “removing the shrapnel is a non-essential procedure” and the cough wasn’t service related. He was given codeine cough medicine, which he later threw away. Not a successful trip for Bill, who definitely has a case. ****************************** Even as a manager Bill didn’t make as much as his father did, enough to buy a house or take vacations. Their Obamacare bill was enough to snuff out any hope of a vacation. But he knew when the welfare checks came because the store was mobbed. Time passed, like it always does. There were more and more illegals in town. An illegal without car insurance hit his wife’s car, and the cop just shrugged his shoulders. Bill ended up paying the $900 he couldn’t afford. It turned out that the illegal had been deported twice and the police had just released him a month before for drunk driving. But that wasn’t in the news. **** Bill walked out on Thanksgiving dinner because a cousin home from Berkeley told him he was a sucker and complicit in war crimes for fighting in Bush’s wars. Everyone there knew the kid was lucky Bill left instead of introducing the kid’s face to the wall. Bill voted for Obama in 2008, but he wasn’t really into politics. The bailouts pissed him off, though, because the bankers got off scott free and even gave themselves fat bonuses. But what happened if he couldn’t pay a bill? You would think the sky was on fire. And they had wrecked the economy, and bankers were supposed to be the experts. It looked like to him that the system was rigged for the big guy and against the little guy. And Obama didn’t turn out to be about hope and change after all. He picked fights with cops. Bill liked cops. His cousin was a cop. It was hard being a cop these days. His cousin said it was getting so they were afraid to bust criminals. Bill’s thoughts ran along, “Whenever you encountered the government, it was like you were an afterthought. Your kids’ teachers seemed disinterested, and you spent a lot of time reading to your kids to keep them developing. The district seemed to have trouble finding funds for phys ed and art classes, but they always seemed to have funds for another program for the illegal alien kids, who spoke no English but were filling the rolls. It was clear who the priority was, and it wasn’t you” (Schlichter). Bill wasn’t into politics, but he was ready to do something about his situation and the country he loved. It seemed to him that the liberals were mostly at fault for the illegal problem in his town. Obama, for example, loved illegals. In 2012 he was torn between voting for Mitt Romney or Obama again. Bill thought Romney was a joke and he felt that Obama hated him. Actively hated him. In observing some of Obama’s oppressive liberal policies, like forcing nuns to buy insurance that covers abortions, Bill muses,”You know, threatening an American, telling an American that he’s going to do what you say, is a dangerous business.” Bill didn’t vote for either candidate. Things got more of the same only a little worse–why do people want to come here, anyway? Transexuals started using the same bathrooms as little girls, probably just because they can. And next primary season of the 2016 election is coming along, and Bill is looking for someone who is not a joke and who is a fighter. Bill doesn’t know what “out of the box” means, but that’s who he’s looking for. And then he notices Donald Trump.

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