According to EraOfLight, Elites are being arrested, put on barges and sent to GITMO for trials. I will not mention names, but one of them has already been executed. Nothing in the media, of course. No way of proving this, and when you go to the original website, the proof is nonexistent, unless it’s also in the MSM. Now, on to the blog. Kurt Schlichter, the author of “Militant Normals,” has a slightly different view of the Elite than Carlson. He divides the population of the US into the Elites and the Normals. The Elites are supposed to be running things, but they are doing a piss-poor job of it. This in turn angers the Normals. The Normals are a large class of people. They are everyone not the Elites. “Who are they anyway?” Schlichter tells us. “They are normal Americans, the Normals, the people who made America into what we think of when we think of America. They built this country, and they defended it. They grow our food and truck it to our Trader Joes. They don’t unfriend people on Facebook for having wrong thoughts, and they aren’t focused on perfecting their neighbors through the power of social justice. They just want to live their lives in a stable society, meaning they don’t want to be robbed walking down the sidewalk, and they want to be shown a little respect.” What they are not defined by are color, sex, religion or even sexual orientation. They don’t inform you of their preferred pronouns when they meet you and shake your hand. They don’t obsess on those things like their alleged betters do. They don’t live in big cities on the coasts, although some might. They don’t read policy papers. They drive Explorers, not Priuses, and they don’t eat kale. “But what they are done tolerating is an uppity Elite that has screwed up its macro-task of running society’s institutions yet has taken unto itself the job of micro-regulation of Normals’ lives. You see, the Elite finds the Normals morally deficient, and thinks it has to correct them”(Schlichter). The Elite is wrong. Normals want to live their lives without being disrespected or exploited by the ruling class. The politicians are carrying on wars that they don’t think are important enough to win. Trump saw that and did something about it. And meanwhile it’s the kids of Normals who die in these wars. According to the author, in 2016 Donald Trump was the only one talking to the Normals. In fact, he was the only one who acknowledged that Normals even existed. But in making contact with the Normals, Trump drew down the wrath of the Elite. Did that scare him? Not a bit. He reveled in it. When it came to the 2016 election,the author said,”Trump’s voters, the Normals,…for a long time has been dissed, taken for granted and bossed around by their purported betters. Now they were done with it. Openly or covertly, they were down for a fight.” The Elite did not just fail in running our institutions and providing a stable society and economy; not only did it fail in this; it has turned on the Normals and declared war on the people who make up the backbone of this country because the Elite just can’t live knowing the Normals are out there living free and uncontrolled. And in attacking the Normals, the Elite ignited the conflict we are living through today (Schlichter). The Elite decided they had to burn down the country to save it. The Elites love mass illegal immigration. It’s hardest on the Normals and this fact is well known. The Elites get their docile servants, the contractors get cheap labor, but the average citizen is exposed to crime, rape, injury by a car driven by an illegal who has no insurance, murder, assault, M13 gang attacks. When Hillary Clinton called half of America a “basket of deplorables,” it was the attitude the Elites have about the Normals. It probably lost her the election more than anything else because people are tired of being treated as stupid, morally illiterate and asleep at the wheel.******************************* There is now a permanent mobilization by the Normals. And they’ve grown vicious to match the Elite. They are in a fight with the bipartisan establishment, which wants to keep the status quo. Their alleged betters, that bipartisan meritocracy without merit that is America’s Elite, still hates them. Not merely has disdain for them. Not only disrespects them. Hates them. That is the crux of the problem, and the genesis of this chaotic moment in history (Schlichter). But the sliver of the Normals the Elite approve of is the underclass–reliable votes and obedient serfs.They are kept in line with bread an circuses. According to Schlichter, the modern Elite needs and wants an enemy, and the Normals make for a great villain. The Normals don’t fit into the grand scheme of things their betters envision. Normals just want to live their lives and raise their families in peace. Unforgivably, they seem to want hope and change without fundamentally transforming America. They are branded racist, sexist, homophobic, and all the other –ists and –phobics that their alleged betters have invented. They believe in God, which today is the greatest of heresies.” And the Normals won’t honor the Elites, which infuriates them. For a long time the Normals wouldn’t fight back, but they found Donald Trump, and now they aren’t backing down. And in finding the feisty Donald Trump the Normals became the Militant Normals.

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