The issue of illegal immigration crosses the issues surrounding the environment. The Sierra Club announced, “Immigrants’ rights and the environmental movement’s concerns are intertwined” (Carlson). But there was no serious attempt to tie the repeal of DACA to actual environmental concerns. The point was: good people support the environment, oppose Trump and protect undocumented immigrants. We see illegal immigrants with criminal records killing Americans, like the one who killed the police officer recently, but these ‘good’ people turn a blind eye to these atrocities. Another illegal with a criminal record started a forest fire and then neglected to call for help. The forest fire destroyed 45 square miles. The new environmentalist is an Elite who is caught up in theory. Most inner-cities are filled with the homeless who need to urinate and defecate on the sidewalks. A person who walked on one of those sidewalks picked up an infection from an e. coli germ from the feces and had to have his leg amputated. But today’s environmentalist is not concerned with such tiny details. The Sierra Club, formed to maintain hiking trails in Yosemite, now takes a vigorous position in favor of transgenderism (which has yet to be defined) and in 2017 signaled its opposition to the “unsustainable whiteness” of environmentalism (Carlson). Environmental racism is the creation of Robert Bullard, a sociologist, who has written several books on the subject. Redirecting resources is a big part of solving the problem. In 1990, dozens of civil rights leaders wrote an open letter to the heads of the 10 biggest environmentalist groups, accusing them of racist and genocidal practices. They also wrote,”although you claim to represent our interests, it has become clear to us that your organizations play an equal role in the disruption in our communities”(Carlson). The proposed remedy: cash payments. It sounds to me that the Elite have taken over the environmental movement. They’ve replaced the practical with the theoretical, which means they won’t take any real moves to improve the environment; and they are in favor of mass immigration, which is one way the Elites intend to destroy America. How much money changed hands? All we know is that The Sierra Club gave Bullard one of its highest awards. Obama’s EPA administrator Gina McCarthy told the Congressional Black Caucus that combating environmental racism was her agency’s ‘core issue'(Carlson). The EPA directed millions in grants to fight environmental racism. Environmentalism has nothing to do with racism, of course, but it does serve a need. As a theology, environmentalism speaks deeply to America’s Elites (Carlson). Its moral absolutes affirms them, adding meaning to their otherwise secular (godless?) world. The collapse of mainline Protestantism left a void in the hearts of America’s ruling class. The environmental movement fills it. But I say this is a naive view of the Elite, especially of the motivations of the Elite. As we have already seen, they are out to destroy America, and Carson has no inkling of this. Why? There are plenty of books on the subject. The Elite are not fighting Trump as he rolls back environmental protections. Why? They want to see the environment deteriorate. But Carlson says, “The movement’s new priorities make sense. Environmentalism as a religion is more compelling than environmentalism as a means to save birds or clean up some river in Maine. After a while details about the natural world seem irrelevant. Compared to questions about virtue and salvation, they are not that interesting. The Elites blithely ignore the details. Elites will fly in their private jets ( some have jumbo jets) and yet be seriously concerned about climate change. And according to Carlson, predicting changes in climate over time has never been successful. A 20 year study found that global temperature hadn’t risen nearly to the degree predicted. In fact they fell outside the margin of error. Scientific studies are not able to be replicated in study after study. Researchers took studies from well known journals and tried to replicate them. 64% of them couldn’t be replicated. Bayer took studies from the journals Science and Nature and tried to replicate them. They were unable to replicate the results in 75% of the studies. And replicating results is supposed to be a scientific absolute. Carlson makes an interesting observation: “Within academia, the pressure to conform to climate orthodoxy has rendered the scientific method irrelevant.” Academic journals are refusing to publish research that deviates from conventional opinion.

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