The Bad Guys are Going Down. Redfern discusses a classified program which the CIA developed. It’s well-known that religion manipulates its followers through fear and guilt: fear of going to hell and guilt of wrong-doing. The CIA’s program, created in the 1960s, was called Operation Often. It still exists today under another name. The idea was to use the spiritual aspects of religion to destroy the enemy (i.e. the Soviets). Today it would still be the Russians and North Korea. The Operation was to use the supernatural power of real demons to attack the enemy. Sidney Gottlieb, a major figure in the mind control projects of MKUltra, was the one person who was able to bring this program to life. Gottlieb was brilliant and could think outside the box. After getting his PhD in chemistry from Cal Tech, he was hired by the CIA’s Technical Services Staff in the Chemical Division. He oversaw many controversial programs: hypnosis, mind manipulation and control, dosing people with LSD, and even creating slave-like assassins–people skilled in killing and making it look like an accident or suicide. And who, as a result of programming by MKUltra, would follow every order and do every dirty deed. Richard Helms, Director of the CIA, gave Gottlieb the job of raising demons. Redfern says “it is one of the most powerful jobs in the US government.” Helms explained to Gottlieb that he would be taking “the worst parts of the domain of the afterlife and religion–demons, curses and supernatural powers- and use them against America’s biggest threats”(Redfern). (This is the origin of psychotronic weapons.) Gottlieb was shocked, but took up the challenge. Some experts in the program were not in the CIA or any intelligence service. They were drafted in and included priests, demonologists, Satanists, psychics, and tarot card readers. They were required to take secrecy oaths and be ready when needed. The most sinister aspect of this program, according to Redfern, was that it dealt with ways to cause death and make it look innocent. Attempts were made to raise ancient Babylonian demons by offering them Faustian pacts. The demonologists would try mind-to-mind contact with demons. Sometimes it seemed to work. The demonologists said they had successfully delivered their messages. But the program itself had inexplicable negative incidents. “Deaths happened on the program that couldn’t be explained” (Redfern). And there were highly controversial successes. The supernatural entities that were called forth agreed to take the lives of whoever it was the team wanted dead: Russian officials, spies of the KGB or now FSB or GRU, Chinese hackers, etc. But there was always a cost to Operation Often, too, and this is why it was shut down. “The demonic things had no love for either side; they just maliciously and evilly enjoyed taking out both” (Redfern).***** Another program, called Collins Elite, is performing a task almost identical with Operation Often, but nothing is known about it, not even its real name. We wouldn’t even know it existed if not for a priest, Ray Boeche, who is a UFO researcher and state director for the Mutual UFO Network in his state. MUFON is the largest UFO group in the country. In November, 1991, Boeche was secretly approached by two physicists working on a classified DoD project. They told Boeche of a program which had the goal of controlling non-human entities (NHEs), demons, in fact. Apparently the two physicists were from Collins Elite, and the staff in that program believe that ETs are demons. And the whole ET phenomenon is demonic, and that demons try to convince us that they are ETs from outer space. They are telling us that God does not exist and religion is a ruse. Boeche’s informants told him that there had been some incredibly violent deaths in the program, including a technician whose head had been crushed by an unseen force (Redfern). Boeche was contacted (1991) to thwart whatever it was that the team had so recklessly unleashed. All the high-ranking military and intelligence personnel were informed of this situation, except for the president. Boeche’s links to both UFOs and the church put him into a unique position to help. And what’s going on today? You might be surprised. Those in the program believe that no good can come of raising demons. Demons want all humans dead. Their opinion is that humans must come back to God, but not the God of the New Testament, the God of love and mercy. They think they must prevent an Armageddon of nuclear proportions and to do that the public must be indoctrinated to believe in the Old Testament teachings and the fear of God. In 2007 Redfern spoke with Boeche on weaponizing religious phenomena. And he was able to speak to some members of the group and learn something about its agenda. Another secret program similar to Collins Elite has been running at the same time. This program, however, has the goal of indoctrinating people to avoid NHEs at all costs and caution people that ETs were really demons (Redfern). Redfern connected with a professor of theology who had direct contact with this group who thought ETs were demons. Two men from the DoD told the professor that “the tales of ETs were evidence of Satanic force which have 2 key goals:1) entice humans to follow their dark ways 2) ensnare human souls in order to live off their life energy (Redfern). According to this group’s understanding, hell is not a fiery pit overseen by Satan but an extradimensional realm inhabited by dark entities with a hatred toward humans..They will “farm our soul energies” upon death for reasons hypothesized but never proved.********* The report “The Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare” was written on April 14, 1950 by a woman named Jean M. Hungerford. So this topic is not new. Also, Rand, the think tank, was commissioned by the Air Force to answer the question: Could religion be manipulated in a way that would win wars around the world? Hungerford was able to show the Air Force that using religion against enemies was highly effective. Radio broadcasts in Europe spoke of the Virgin Mary walking with American soldiers and waving the flag. Miracles happening in a Chzeck church had people coming from all directions. There was a plan to convince Castro of the immanent return of Christ. But there’s a far more serious plan called Project Blue Beam, in which they’ll try to convince the public that ETs are attacking. There are already ETs here and they are in charge at some level. There is another race coming in, but they’re peaceful. The Controllers, as Redfern calls, them, want to put us into never ending slavery and are using Reptilians toward that goal..

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