Ancient SSPs. Corey Goode (CG) gave Michael Salla some rather shocking testimony when he told Salla that there were 5 to 7 ancient SSPs still operating in the current era. One of them is the Mayan SSP, which has perfectly cylindrical craft of polished stone and mental interface technology. Something CG said indicated that the Roman Empire might have an ancient SSP. But CG wouldn’t name the ancient SSPs because most of them pretend to be ETs from outer space and on earth to help humanity. CG obtains his information from his Glass Smart Pad. When the Ufology community finds out these ancient secret space programs are not ETs, the shit will hit the fan.. Actually the military has already checked out their stories and found them to be frauds. In ancient times the king, and the priests knew about the SSP, but the common people were kept in the dark. Some things never change. It’s well known that there were wars waged in the skies of ancient India from the Vedas. And there was a mothership with thousands of personnel on it-a city in the sky. Battles were waged into the Middle Ages, and the Vatican has records of these battles. They fought around the moon, on the ground and under the ground. Here, in CG’s own words, is the reason why he can’t reveal the names of these Ancient SSPs: “No, I can’t. This is in some cases, controversial information. There are a few of these groups that have created an entire belief system around themselves in the UFO community. Some of them have approached or “Contacted” individuals of small groups and told them that they are “Aliens”from “The ***Star System” or”The *** ***Federations” etc. This is a deception that they pulled on the SSPs for a while, until it was first suspected and then later confirmed by other Off World allies.Other Break Away Civilizations confirmed our suspicion, and we took expeditions by the SSPs to these Star Systems to verify their claims. People thought they were benevolent aliens and when they find out the truth, there will be plenty of embarrassment–that’s before they kill all the fake aliens. Corey wanted to emphasize that not all ancient groups are doing this. Some are doing important humanitarian work on earth and other colonies involving mistreated humans and human slaves. Said Goode: “Some of these humans have been through such horrors that they are in no shape yet to return of our current society…(they) have created colonies and have brought large numbers of these victims there to be rehabilitated.”

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