Be Not Afraid. I watched a presentation on YouTube about experiencers, people who have been abducted by ETs or who have had some kind of contact with ETs. There is a study going on to determine if these people have a genetic predisposition for contact with ETs. One experiment puts Uri Geller in Jerusalem and an experiencer in the United States. Uri sends a thought to the experiencer and the testers want to know if thought is non-local–does the thought travel to the experiencer in an instant or does it take 2 or 3 seconds? Well, I already answered that question in my books–the thought is instant. I wasn’t psychic, but when I was psychically raped, I became psychic in a big way and read all kinds of books on quantum activity in the brain. I also taught myself to fight back psychically. It is possible to remote view a person and have a physical effect on him. Some assassinations are carried out this way. Onward: In another experiment psychics remote view the experiencers to see if they are telling the truth and to find information that might be in the subconscious of the experiencer. Hal Putoff is one of the experimenters. He is a scientist I referred to constantly in my books. His field is consciousness and quantum neurology. The overarching idea or purpose behind the testing is to prove that there is a gene that determines whether a person will have an encounter experience.This would give the whole field of ufology credibility and make it a scientific fact.****************** I was listening to Linda Moulton Howe give a presentation on what the CIA and other government agencies are doing to experiencers. It seems that they have a new tool for surveillance. Brain waves are apparently unique to everyone–no two people have the same pattern. Now they can use satellites to track you by your brainwaves. 1984 again!********* I’m reading James Comey’s new book, A Higher Loyalty, in which he says that when he was assistant US Attorney General, he found parts of the Patriot Act illegal. He put together documents changing the laws, including the NSA surveillance laws. Bush’s (this was in 2004) aids tried to intercept Comey and keep him from seeing Bush, but he wouldn’t be stopped, and Bush signed the documents changing the Patriot Act. So, are we still being surveilled? Who knows?

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