God is Good. The EraofLight sends me their blogs through email. On November 22, 2018, the blog was titled “Restored Republic via a GCR.” It was a summary of information about the global currency reset. It apparently is happening some places as we speak. There were many replies. Reply 1: said that we would begin exchanging on Friday, November 23. Reply 2: said the Banks were saying that we should see this on November 22 or 23. I didn’t see anything on the news, but dominating the screen on one channel were the words “Investigating The Deep State.” That in itself is world-changing. Reply 3: said China RV’d (reset event) and began exchanging on Tuesday, November 13. It also said that Trump has a written agreement with China that the US would RV right after China went asset-backed. Reply 4: said according to David Steele, implementation of the GCR has been moved to December 1st. Reply 5: said the RV was planned to begin during a deliberate stock market implosion. All 3 indexes had given up their gains for 2018, but it wasn’t an implosion. Reply 6: Some thought that Thanksgiving Day would be a good or logical time to announce return of US currency to a Gold/Asset-backed standard…Our new US Treasury notes have been printed and stored in banks and redemption centers in preparation for the RV/GCR. Also there was a planned implementation of the GESARA law. This would expose the bankrupt fiat financial system, thus forcing all central backs, including the Federal Reserve, to shut down. Reply 7: Trump accomplished an economic reboot, and the Rothschilds have already surrendered. I have no idea what this means; I’m just putting it out there. Reply 8: said military tribunals will begin January 1, 2019. Reply 9: said Deep State types won’t be enjoying eggnog this Christmas. Instead, they will be festively attired in orange prison jumpsuits and gracing the halls of GITMO. Reply 10: said there is a 9 trillion corporate debt bomb ‘bubbling’ in the US economy ready to detonate. It was just too easy to borrow. I have no idea of the validity of any of these claims. Obviously, some of them are out of date. Or things could happening that aren’t in the news.

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